Our Locations

Our Locations

Global Reach, Local Commitment

At Mercer, we pride ourselves on our team’s diversification. Between 3 countries, over 3 continents, across 7 facilities, we encompass a range of cultures, experiences, and expertise that make us who we are today. Although separated by geography, we are unified in our commitment to each other as a team and in our commitment to the many communities where we reside.

Location is Key

Our mills are strategically located close to excellent fibre sources and key global end-user markets. In addition, our mills are recognized by many operational and environmental certifications. Each of our locations serves as a large, stable employer in their region, adding back into their local economies through benefits and wages.

Our involvement in each of our communities is a top priority and we remain committed in various ways; through sponsoring youth and adult sports teams, supporting food security, education, health & wellness and cultural programs, to participating in and promoting community events.

Where we live, work, and play, we are a part of our communities through our engagement.

  • Mercer Celgar

    Mercer Celgar

    Castlegar, BC, Canada

    Strategically located within one of British Columbia's most valuable fibre baskets, Celgar's close proximity to the BC coast facilitates sales to Asia where the majority of the pulp is sold.

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  • Mercer Peace River

    Mercer Peace River

    Peace River, AB, Canada

    The Peace River mill holds the rights to two Forest Management Agreements covering 2.7 million hectares, supplying the majority of its annual hardwood fibre requirements.

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  • Mercer Rosenthal

    Mercer Rosenthal

    Rosenthal am Rennsteig, Germany

    The mill has an annual NBSK pulp capacity of 360,000 tonnes, an electricity generation capacity of 57 MW, and the capacity to produce 6,000 tonnes of crude tall oil per year.

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  • Santanol


    Perth, Australia

    We own and lease approximately 2,500 hectares of plantations of ethical and sustainably grown Indian Sandalwood at Santanol in the Kimberley's Ord Valley of northwestern Australia.

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  • Mercer Stendal

    Mercer Stendal

    Arneburg, Germany

    The mill has an annual NBSK pulp capacity of 660,000 tonnes and an electrical generation capacity of 148 MW. In addition, Stendal has the capacity to produce 25,500 tonnes of crude tall oil per year.

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  • Mercer Timber Products

    Mercer Timber Products

    Saalburg-Ebersdorf, Germany

    Mercer Timber Products produces a wide range of high-quality softwood lumber products with approximately 550 MMfbm in annual production capacity.

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