52 in 52: We Have a Vision

We have a vision. It may appear grand and lofty, a vision so big that surely it cannot be achieved? At Mercer, our leadership created this vision to be bold and to inspire our current and future workforce. Our vision is to remember that what we do on a day-to-day basis, including all our goals, strategies, and our continued investment of time, resources, and people are all connected to the attainment of this vision: “At Mercer International Inc., we are exceptional people creating bioproducts for a more sustainable world.”

But how are we turning our vision into reality? 

We promote that Mercer is a diversified global producer of forest products, bioproducts, and green electricity with operations in Germany, Canada, and Australia with a consolidated annual production capacity of approximately 2.2 million tonnes of kraft pulp and 550 fbm of softwood lumber. 

That is true.

But how are we diversified? What are our bioproducts and how do we manufacture them? What forest-based products do we produce? What technologies and innovations are utilized to be sustainable? Who are the people that come to work every day at Mercer – what skills, experiences, and backgrounds do they have?

For us, it is about telling our stories so you know that behind every Mercer project we have over 2,300 dedicated people like David, Genevieve, Paul, Uwe, Raquel, Stephan, and Doreen. Our stories are much like your own – full of inspiration, challenges and obstacles. 

Over the course of 2021, we are going to tell our stories that individually and collectively help contribute to our vision. Every story is personal, 52 stories in 52 weeks; different Operations, different countries, different writers, and different perspectives. You will learn about Mercer: our people, our processes, our values – everything we are trying to achieve to be sustainable in our industry and communities has a story. 

52 stories in 52 weeks are stories that are essential to Mercer. 

Where the Mercer stories take us is part of the journey of Mercer and we invite you to come along and learn more about us and of the commitment of our workforce to continue towards the achievement of our Mercer vision: At Mercer International Inc., we are exceptional people creating bioproducts for a more sustainable world.

At Mercer, We are Sustainable. By design.