Mercer is Celebrating International Women’s Day

Women. They are everywhere. Mothers, Aunties, Wives, Sisters. Daughters. Step-daughters. Grandmothers. Granddaughters. Coworkers. Leaders. Educators. Mentors. Supporters.

At Mercer Int., we are celebrating “International Women’s Day.” Why?

Because we are stronger when our women are strong and we are weaker when our women struggle. Women’s contributions change the way we see and experience the world within which we live, work, and play and at Mercer, we believe we need to celebrate the women in our workforce. And collectively, we need to continue to challenge any obstacle, barrier, bias, or belief that holds women back from both being and doing their best at home or at work.

The challenge is personal. It is professional. Small steps and large initiatives all come from someone challenging norms that are accepted but need to change. Our Mercer global workforce have added their challenges – to themselves and others – on what they will challenge. For us, it’s personal. We thank those women who came before us, are with us, and who will come after us.

But thanking them is not enough – the challenge is to continually ensure that the right choices are made so that women are recognized and valued and every day is a day women can celebrate.