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    Mercer Timber Products: Flexible & High-Capacity

    Mercer Timber Products, also known as our Friesau sawmill, is located in the town of Saalburg-Ebersdorf, Germany, approximately 300 km south of Berlin and only 16 km from Rosenthal. With over 400 team members, we take pride in being a major employer in the area, as well as the value we have in sustainability. The Friesau sawmill, originally constructed in 1992, is PEFC certified and a member of NAT Thüringen. Memberships also include DeSH and AGR, with our lawyers active in the German Association of Corporate Lawyers (BUJ).

    Creating History

    Mercer Timber Products has been creating history ever since its foundation. The Friesau sawmill was founded by the Klausner company in 1992 after the reunification of Germany, becoming a key component of the industrialization of former East Germany territory. With the completion of the modern biomass-fueled cogeneration plant in 2009, our Friesau sawmill set a precedent for investment in cutting-edge mechanical and electronic technologies and adopting these technologies for the improvement of our products. Focused on product consistency, Mercer Timber Products invests in and utilizes automation technology to ensure accuracy thereby increasing our market opportunities.

    We currently have comprehensive investments nearing completion that will further develop the mill into a world-class asset with state-of-the-art technology, as well as meet Mercer’s high standards for workplace safety. 

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    Build a Career with In-house Education

    At Mercer Timber Products, we emphasize the promotion of young talent and offer young people interesting, flexible, and varied apprenticeships in a dynamically developing international company. Because we strongly believe in the support and advancement of junior staff, we launched a 2-year trainee program in 2019 for university graduates. Each trainee receives an individual supervisor who accompanies and supports them during their training, promoting further development in the best possible way.

    We are currently training in the following professions recognized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce:

    • Woodworking Mechanic
    • Industrial Mechanic
    • Electronics Technician
    • Agricultural and Construction Machinery Mechatronics Technician
    • Industrial Clerk

    As part of our goal in preparing young professionals for their careers, we organized multiple Nights of Training in February and November 2019. Together with Mercer Rosenthal, we hosted evenings of guided tours providing students, as well as their parents, the chance to gain a better understanding of the training required for occupations within the Friesau sawmill. The event was a huge success and we look forward to hosting another in the future.

    Join Our Team

    • Prioritizing Health and Safety

      The health and safety of our team members is of the utmost importance to us. Along with the Road to Zero program, in 2019 Friesau established a company-wide health management system. This system includes a health team that organizes mill events focusing on information and activities promoting health and wellness in our team members. Our first “Family Hiking Day” took place at the Orangerie Ebersdorf where our team members and their families had a lovely day of socializing and discovery while hiking the beautiful area we call home.

      Fire prevention and protection are other topics of high importance at Friesau. For this reason, we have set up a firefighting team with the appropriate equipment and technology for our mill. This team currently consists of 32 volunteers, some of whom are active members of another voluntary fire brigade and support our firefighting team in the community as well. In addition to the team, we have our own firefighting vehicle with which we are able to reach and fight incipient fires on the entire company premises in a short period of time.