Mass Timber

Mass Timber

A Sustainable Building Material

Cross-laminated timber, or CLT, is a building material offering a combination of strength, safety, efficiency, and aesthetics. The use of CLT also comes with great environmental benefits as an alternative to steel and concrete in buildings, delivering even greater value in construction. Mass timber and CLT provide long-term investment returns for developers, as their use in construction supports comfortable living, great design, and environmental responsibility. Branching further into the wood space through an avenue of this responsibility aligns with our value of sustainability.

Environmental Stewardship

Our Factory Capabilities

The CLT factory owned by Mercer occupies 37 acres in eastern Washington, US, featuring one of the largest CLT presses globally within its 253,000 square foot facility. Annually, the factory can manufacture more than 13 million square feet of CLT – more than two times that of any North American competitor.

Through factory-driven projects, Mercer Mass Timber can utilize technology and processes to manufacture materials for builders and other end-users:

  • a 12’ x 60’ CLT Press
  • Cut and CNC to specifications
  • Sanding and sealing the lumber

Our Facility

  • Product Offerings

    To meet our customers’ specific needs, we provide products with greater flexibility for their designs and construction. We offer CLT for use in buildings, rigmat, and other applications. Additionally, we offer long-length finger-jointed lumber.

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