Transport Services

Transport Services

Transporting in Germany

We transport our NBSK pulp and lumber by road, rail, and ocean through third-party carriers. We own and operate a fleet of trucks in Germany that we utilize for many of our deliveries. Our German pulp mills are currently the only market kraft pulp producers in Germany, the largest import market for kraft pulp in Europe. 

Our trucking fleet’s proximity to the market gives us a competitive transportation cost advantage compared to other pulp producers when shipping to customers in Europe. We take advantage of our fleet to complete backhaul services when possible; leveraging our modern and efficient fleet to provide logistics services to others.

We also have efficient logistics channels for our lumber products from our Friesau sawmill, Mercer Timber Products. We utilize our own fleet of trucks, in addition to third-party services to service our European customers. In addition, we ship to North America and Asia by break-bulk or container ocean carriers from a dedicated port on the north coast of Germany; a port we access by rail, using our own trains.

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Transporting in Canada

Our Celgar and Peace River pulp is transported to customers by rail, road, and ocean carriers to ensure timely delivery. The majority of Celgar and Peace River’s pulp for overseas markets are initially delivered by rail to the Port of Vancouver for shipment overseas by ocean carriers. Their western Canadian locations, combined with excellent access to multiple rail lines, leave our mills well-positioned to service global customers. 

In addition to overseas deliveries, we service U.S. customers by rail, leveraging a series of third-party warehouses in the United States to provide just-in-time service.

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