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Wood Services

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Through our forest service companies, Mercer Holz in Europe, Mercer Forestry Services in BC, and Peace River Logging in Alberta, we offer the experience, technology, and expertise to help our partners manage their forest harvesting activities. We can assist forest owners in the planning and executing of harvests. With our experience and drive towards full forest utilization, we support development activities that optimize value and sustainability.

Mercer Wood Services

We are professional forest managers with a deep understanding and respect for modern forest management techniques and are comfortable working with some of the most restrictive environmental protection laws in the world.

All of our wood procurement teams employ chain of custody certification to ensure our wood sources come from sustainably managed forests.

Mercer Wood and Fibre Procurement Policy

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Where Our Wood Comes From

In central Europe, Mercer Holz is one of the largest buyers of wood. We operate our own harvesting crews and a truck fleet to provide exceptional service for our partners. We have also invested extensively in rail infrastructure and today we own over 300 custom-built log transport railcars. In addition to dedicated railcars, we have exclusive rights to railway sidings throughout Europe, as well as Baltic Sea ports to help secure long-term supply to not only our production facilities but also to other users of wood in our region as well.

In British Columbia, we operate harvesting and trucking equipment to partner with our sawmilling neighbours to provide an efficient, sustainable raw material supply.

In Alberta, we are proud of the Peace River Logging Limited Partnership, a joint venture with a local First Nation currently harvesting 30% of the Peace River Pulp mill’s fibre supply. Our forest management team in Alberta manages an area of approximately 2.7 million hectares utilizing modern ecosystem-based management emulating natural disturbances (EMEND).

Partnering for Sustainability

In 2004, the Woodland Cree First Nation (WCFN) joined Mercer Peace River (then known as DMI) to provide safe, efficient, low maintenance harvesting and chipping operations through a joint-venture partnership named Peace River Logging Limited Partnership. This successful partnership includes harvesting, chipping, loading, hauling, road maintenance & construction, and pulp mill landfill & yard maintenance operations throughout NW Alberta, employing approximately 60 local people.

Our enduring and respectful collaboration has enabled us to remain committed to responsible forestry, by sustainably managing our boreal resources together.

We have always worked with the land to provide for our families and to ensure that there is more than enough for the future. WCFN keeps those values and has adapted;  we use our environment in a new way to provide what we need, create positive change, and to build for future generations. I am proud of the future my Nation is building.

Chief Isaac Laboucan-Avirom 

Over the past three years, Peace River Logging’s harvesting operations have increased by 61% and sales volumes have increased by as much as 162%. This growth has provided a consistent source of revenue to the WCFN and surrounding communities, positively impacting the employment, education, health, and cultural opportunities and activities directed by the Nation.

We are proud of our partnership and we are actively working to use this model to expand our operations to create innovative and sustainable forest management solutions.

Year-over-Year Sales Growth

  1. 2019/2018 = 121%
  2. 2018/2017 = 162%
  3. 2017/2016 = 135%

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