Cellulose Filaments

In June 2014, Mercer launched a joint venture in partnership with Resolute Forest Products, Performance BioFilaments Inc. The new company is focused on the development of commercial applications for cellulose filaments, one of the world's most exciting new biomaterials. Derived from wood fiber, a renewable and natural resource, cellulose filaments optimize the strength, stability, flexibility and longevity of a variety of materials including composites, coatings and consumer products. The process uses innovative technology licensed from FPInnovations Inc., one of the world's leading forest products research organizations. The cellulose filaments' exceptional strength and high aspect ratio (length to width ratio) make it a unique cellulose-based biomaterial.

Performance BioFilaments is seeking joint development partners from a range of industries, from automotive and manufacturing, to construction and high-end consumer products, to develop new commercial product applications for cellulose filaments. For more information, please visit