Pulp 101
Pulp 101 Video
Mercer is one of the largest producers of NBSK market pulp in the world and has become a leader among forest products companies in embracing the bio-economy - we seek to leave no forest resource wasted. Our large-scale, modern mills produce not only NBSK pulp, but also other environmentally-friendly biomass-based by-products. We utilize all parts of the wood biomass that we process to create pulp (from the cellulose), as well as green energy and green chemicals (from the hemicellulose, lignin and extractives). As well, we are working to advance other bio-materials, like cellulose filaments.

We produce a diverse range of lumber products to service needs of our customers around the world and pursue the same zero-waste objective as our pulp operations. With a modern bio-mass fueled cogeneration plant, Friesau is also a net-exporter of green energy.