Our Products

Our Products

World-class Products

The quality of the products we produce represents our focus on excellence at Mercer. From our sourcing of sustainable fibre to our modern manufacturing facilities, our teams of dedicated team members remain focused, diligent, and able to provide us with confidence to produce quality products efficiently and effectively.

We currently produce and market four broad product categories:

  • Solid wood lumber products
  • Kraft wood pulp
  • Bioelectricity
  • Wood extractives

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Solid Wood Lumber Products

Our lumber products are recyclable, biodegradable, and carbon-friendly. They are used by consumers for home construction, renovations, and packaging. In the right environment, they do not degrade over time and retain carbon. Competing alternatives tend to be manufactured from steel, concrete, or plastic – products that are generally somewhat recyclable but not biodegradable in cases where recycling is not available.

  • North American dimension lumber
  • Japan dimension lumber
  • Structural timber blanks for KVH and glulam
  • UK dimension lumber
  • Customer defined dimension lumber

Mercer Timber Products

Kraft Wood Pulp

Kraft wood pulp products are biodegradable and carbon-friendly. To the extent that the end-use of the pulp is not contaminated, it is easily recyclable; however, many end uses, such as for tissue are, by design, meant to be degraded in sewage systems and not recycled. Competing alternatives for most end-uses are limited to plastics (for packaging) and fabric-based alternatives for tissue grades (such as wet wipes).

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  • Bioelectricity

    Bioelectricity is a clean and easily transported source of energy and useful for most energy-requiring applications, except those that require independence from an electrical grid (such as certain types of transportation). At Mercer, we produce bioenergy through our process, which allows us to produce approximately 1,800 GWh of power each year – enough to power 170,000 U.S. homes without fossil fuels.

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  • Wood Extractives

    Wood extractives are biodegradable, carbon-friendly, and generally not recyclable. Wood contains many of the building block chemicals that are found in fossil fuels. We believe that bioextractives will become an increasingly important alternative to petroleum-based fuels, aromatics, food additives, fragrances, and medicinal applications. We see this as an increasing trend and are increasing our activities in this rapidly growing sector.


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