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1921 Arrow Lakes Road
Castlegar, BC
V1N 3H9

    Our Roots

    Our Celgar mill is located in Castlegar, Canada – in the interior region of the province of British Columbia – approximately 600 km east of Vancouver. Strategically located within one of British Columbia’s most valuable fibre baskets, Celgar is also in close proximity to the BC coast, facilitating sales to Asia where the majority of our pulp is sold.

    Continuous Improvement at Mercer Celgar

    The mill was originally established in 1961 (British Columbia’s first interior pulp mill), undergoing an $850 million rebuild in 1993 to become a high-quality, continuous process kraft pulp mill with modern power generation and environmental treatment facilities.

    Since then, Celgar has undergone several projects allowing for additional process efficiencies to further increase annual production:

    • Project Blue Goose, 2007 – a $24 million capital project improving operation efficiencies, increased production, and improved environmental performance.
    • Green Energy Project, 2010 – a $61 million program that installed a second-turbine generator to increase the installed generating capacity from 48 MW to 100 MW, as well as upgraded the bark boiler and steam facilities.

    In 2019, we improved production by debottlenecking the pulp packaging line, as well as built a turpentine extraction plant to generate sales and reduce chemical costs. 

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    Our Focus is Our People

    Mercer Celgar currently employs approximately 430 team members, making the mill one of the main employers in the region and injecting millions of dollars into the local economy in wages and benefits annually. Each of our team members has access to the innovative Whole Health Workplace Solution – created using ergonomics and physiotherapy – that has been in place for over 10 years. Through proactive health interventions and training by our onsite physiotherapist, our members have realized an increase in job performance, morale, and overall quality of life.

    We focus on the health of our members as much as we focus on the health of our environment. We believe that successful pulp production and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive; rather, they exist in a symbiotic relationship. 

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    What Our Stakeholders Are Saying

    “Becoming a part of the Celgar team has, without a doubt, been a career-high. The opportunity to join a company that is actively striving to be an industry leader is both exciting and fulfilling. As a whole, I have found Celgar to be a challenging and rewarding workplace with ample opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. I look forward to continuing my career here at the mill and doing my part to help Celgar exceed its own expectations.”

    Amanda Edwards

    “I am quite fortunate to be able to call Mercer Celgar my professional home. Celgar contains a work environment that is respectful, safety forward, environmentally conscientious, and fulfilling; a place where I feel a true sense of comradery amongst my colleagues.”

    A. Goulding
    Industrial Warehouse

    • Mercer Celgar Community Relationships

      Mercer Celgar and our employees donate regularly to causes within the community. These causes include community enhancement projects, non-profit associations and charities, as well as sports and community events. Scholarships totalling $4,500 annually are also awarded to qualifying, local high school graduates. Some of our more significant sponsorships include the construction of the Celgar Pavilion at Millennium Park, the Celgar Drive-in, the drop-in launching ramp at the bike skills park, and the activity bus for Stanley Humphries Senior Secondary School.

      Mercer Celgar also initiated the local BE SEEN pedestrian safety campaign. For the past 2 years, together with the support of other local businesses, Mercer Celgar provides 5,000+ reusable reflective armbands to the community residents, with 1 of the 5,000 being given to every student in our local Castlegar schools and the rest distributed amongst the remaining community members.