Promoting the best interests of Mercer and its shareholders by overseeing the management of the Company’s business and affairs

Commitment to Good Governance & Independent Board

At Mercer, we prioritize good governance with a modern framework of policies and structures. Our 11-person independent Board exemplifies fundamental governance principles:

  1. Separate Chair and CEO roles.
  2. All Board members, except the Chair and CEO, are independent.
  3. Independent members serve on the Audit, Compensation, and Governance Committees.
  4. A dedicated Environmental, Health, and Safety Committee ensures our focus on ESG performance.
  5. We’re proud three of our Board members are women, promoting diversity and inclusion.

Shareholder Approval

During the 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, proposals for consideration, including Board nominees, auditor appointment and executive compensation, achieved approval by shareholders.

Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., a leading shareholder advisory services firm, supported all proposals by the company and assessed its governance score as “Low Risk.”

Our goal is to ensure that our stakeholders have confidence in the integrity of our people, processes, and assets.

  • Issue Reporting

    We believe that Mercer’s viability and integrity depend on the protection of our critical assets, including our people, physical assets, and our information. We also believe that our communication, internal controls, and processes must adapt to the changing needs and objectives of the company, as well as to the changing marketplace. We appreciate your support and cooperation in keeping Mercer an ethical company from top to bottom.

    Ethicspoint is a comprehensive and anonymous Internet and telephone-based reporting tool that assists management and employees in working together to address fraud, abuse, misconduct, and other violations in the workplace while helping to cultivate a positive work environment.

    Integrity Hotline