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    Market Leadership and Certified Top Quality

    Europe’s largest pallet manufacturer and producer of sustainable biofuels

    Mercer Torgau (MT) has been part of Mercer International since 2022 and is the largest pallet manufacturer in Europe. Up to 17 million pallets are produced annually in our facility. To achieve this, one million solid cubic meters of wood are cut, 6,000 tons of steel are processed into certified special nails, and 80 million pallet blocks are produced. The facility also produces briquettes, which amount to 80,000 tons and 150,000 tons of pellets per year.

    100 percent utilized, 100 percent sustainable

    The raw material wood is 100 percent utilized at MT – from the bark to the last chip. In addition to the main product of lumber, CO2-neutral bioenergy is generated using the bark in the company’s own power plants. Sawdust is used to produce high-quality biofuels, such as pellets and briquettes, as well as pressboard blocks for pallets. As a major bioenergy producer, the three in-house cogeneration plants produce 340,000 MWh of heat and 85,000 MWh of green electricity.

    With active participation within the timber industry, Mercer Torgau takes responsibility for ensuring that processed wood is reliably supplied from sustainable sources. Mercer Torgau is a member of EPAL, DeSH, HPE, DEPV and other industry associations.


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    A Unique Concept of Self-sufficiency and Integrated Production

    Since its foundation in 1999, the company has positioned itself in the industry with a production model that allows high flexibility and self-sufficiency. Boards, blocks, nails – for our facility, all partial products are manufactured in-house. 

    This concept of self-sufficiency and integrated production is unique in the German pallet industry. Thanks to this business model and good relationships with long-standing partners, Mercer Torgau can reliably produce and deliver even under difficult economic conditions. At the same time, integrated production makes it possible to offer a wide range of products (pallets, lumber, garden goods). Regular investments in equipment and employees allow Mercer Torgau to guarantee its customers’ quality with the highest delivery reliability.

    • Future-forward Careers at Mercer Torgau

      A Responsible Employer

      Mercer Torgau has not only modernized technology and production. The company invests specifically in the qualification of its employees and lets them participate in the company’s success through variable bonuses.

      Working at Mercer Torgau

      You’ll find working at Mercer Torgau offers more than 50 different professions, from the technical to the administrative.

      Crisis-proof Jobs

      Thanks to integrated production and independence from external suppliers for partial products, the plant has also been able to produce continuously in the past.

      Investments in State-of-the-Art Technology

      In recent years, more than 220 million euros have been invested in a fully integrated production process that covers all stages of the value chain. The majority of the work steps in the plant are automated. For example, digital measuring equipment is used when cutting logs. Our sawmills use state-of-the-art chippers, band saws and circular saws, and our shipping processes are also largely digitalized.

      Mercer Torgau Continues to Grow

      Mercer Torgau is constantly looking for new employees who share a passion for wood. MT offers a variety of positions, including those in:

      • Production and engineering
      • Maintenance and development
      • Administration
      • Purchasing and sales
      • IT
      • Logistics and shipping

      With the start of 2022, Mercer Torgau began a new era as a training company. Those looking to start their professional career will see hands-on involvement from the very beginning of their training. Assuming suitability and interest, there is the possibility of a permanent employment contract at the end of the training. Mercer Torgau trains:

      • Management assistants for office management
      • Electronics technician for operating technology

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