Memberships and Associations

Global Insights and Local Relevance

Bill Adams, VP of Sustainability and Innovation, emphasizes the value of our global associations:
“Our global associations provide insights into worldwide trends while emphasizing local market specifics. This dual perspective ensures our operations are globally informed and locally appropriate, adhering to regional regulations and cultural practices.”

Bill Adams, VP of Sustainability and Innovation

Why Membership Matters

  • Our memberships and associations are more than mere connections; they are vibrant ecosystems. Here, we engage with diverse stakeholders - from peers to suppliers, potential customers to industry leaders. These interactions are about expanding our business reach, enriching our perspective, and fostering collaborative growth.

  • In an industry driven by innovation and regulatory shifts, staying ahead means having the right information at the right time. Our memberships grant us access to pioneering research, emerging trends, and crucial regulatory updates. This knowledge does not just inform our strategies; it shapes our vision for the future.

  • We don’t just participate; we influence. Through our associations, we have a voice in shaping policies and regulations. This involvement allows us to not only anticipate changes but also to advocate for regulations that sustain both our industry and the environment.

  • Through various educational resources and training opportunities associations provide, we can enhance our team’s skills and expertise. This focus on professional growth ensures that we lead with knowledge and innovation.

  • Our active participation in associations is a testament to our commitment to upholding industry standards and ethical practices. It is a continuous journey of improvement.

Partnerships and Sustainable Sourcing

Guided by Mercer’s Wood and Fibre Procurement Policy principles, our third-party forest management certifications complement the comprehensive and rigorous forest management laws and regulations governing our forest practices in Canada and Germany.

Together, these underpin our due diligence process to ensure the wood we source comes from certified forests.

By aligning and complying with rigorous, science-based regulatory frameworks, we add a layer of nature risk management and accountability, driving the assurance that conservation objectives remain central to forest management activities.

Leadership in Industry Associations

At Mercer, we take pride in our leadership roles within key industry associations. Our executives contribute their expertise and insights, helping to shape the future of the forest products industry. Here are some of our key leadership positions:

  • Dr. Carsten Merforth

    Chief Operating Officer Wood Products

  • Wolfgang Beck

    Senior Vice President Global Wood Sourcing

  • Wolfram Ridder

    Senior Vice President Innovation & Government Relations

  • Uwe Bentlage

    Vice President Pulp Sales & Marketing for Europe and Managing Director of Mercer Pulp Products

  • Bill Adams

    Vice President Sustainability & Innovation

We support the “Wood saves the climate” campaign

Our Memberships

  • Global Reach – Local Commitment

    Explore the documentary by the Forest Products Association of Canada, showcasing the partnership between Mercer Peace River and Indigenous communities for sustainable forest management. The film highlights the Indigenous Community Spatial Viewer tool, blending forestry plans with Indigenous land values to promote transparency and collaboration, demonstrating how integrating technology with Indigenous values aids in sustainable forestry.

    Learn More

Sustainably managed forests can be among the most powerful tools in our climate action toolbox.