Products & Services

Products & Services

A Global Leader in Sustainable Forestry

Mercer is one of the largest producers of high quality, sustainably produced NBSK and NBHK market pulp in the world. We operate modern facilities and source our fibre from sustainably managed forests. Through third-party certification, we are able to provide assurance to our customers and stakeholders that fibre is sourced from low-risk sustainably managed forests.

Resource Optimization

Thinking Green

Our large-scale, modern mills produce not only NBSK and NBHK pulp but also other environmentally-friendly biomass-based byproducts. We utilize all parts of the wood biomass that we process to create kraft pulp, along with green energy and green chemicals (from the hemicellulose, lignin, and extractives). As well, we are working to advance other biomaterials, like cellulose filaments, lignin, biomethanol, crude tall oil, and turpentine. We focus on new technologies and processes in our strategy to optimize byproduct values, eliminate waste, and provide alternatives for carbon-intensive products. 

In addition to pulp, green energy, green chemicals, and bioproducts, we produce a diverse range of lumber products to serve the needs of our customers around the world and pursue the same zero-waste objective as our pulp operations. With a modern biomass-fueled cogeneration plant, Mercer Timber Products is also a net exporter of green energy.

Our Operations

  • Pulp


    Our NBSK and NBHK pulp manufacturing process utilizes sawmill and forest-harvest residuals to produce high-quality cellulose fibre utilized primarily for the production of tissue paper, graphic and printing paper, and specialty paper. The pulp is also used as a reinforcing fibre in waste paper processing to ensure the recycling of paper.

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  • Timber Products

    Timber Products

    Our lumber products are used for home construction, renovations, and packaging, and are alternatives for steel, concrete, and plastic. They're recyclable, biodegradable, and carbon-friendly, as they store the CO2 bound in them over their entire life cycle and can be used to produce bioenergy.

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  • Mass Timber

    Mass Timber

    Our mass timber - more specifically, cross-laminated timber (CLT) - is used in construction as an alternative to steel, concrete, and plastic. This building material offers a combination of strength, safety, efficiency, and aesthetics, suited to projects supporting environmental responsibility and sustainability.

    Mass Timber

  • Green Energy

    Green Energy

    Mercer is a leading green energy producer from our modern facilities. Our processes produce carbon-neutral thermal and electrical energy as a byproduct of producing our primary products of lumber and pulp.

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  • Bioextractives & Biomaterials

    Bioextractives & Biomaterials

    Wood extractives and materials are biodegradable and carbon-friendly. They are used as alternatives to petroleum-based products.

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  • Wood & Transport Services

    Wood & Transport Services

    Mercer subsidiaries Mercer Holz, Mercer Forestry Services, and Peace River Logging see themselves as service providers for forest owners and the woodworking industry. In addition to supplying our operations, Mercer offers its procurement, logging, and logistics services to third-party customers.

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  • Logistic Services

    Logistic Services

    Our pulp and lumber products are transported by road, rail, and ocean carriers, whether by third-party or our own fleet services. In Germany, Mercer Logistik operates its own fleet of trucks, which also performs services for third-party customers.

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