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    Mercer Forestry Services: Commitment and Collaboration

    Mercer Forestry Services, established in 1995, is a leading force in the BC Southern Interior’s forestry sector. We are committed to sustainable forestry practices and have solidified our position as a trusted partner in the industry. With a core group of contractors and a dedicated team of 65 employees, we are at the forefront of responsible wood harvesting and transportation.

    Our Commitment to Sustainability

    At Mercer Forestry Services, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. We take pride in adhering to the highest environmental standards. Our practices are rooted in responsible forestry management, and we actively contribute to preserving our natural resources.

    A Collaborative Approach

    Collaboration is key to our success. We work closely with local communities, indigenous groups, and environmental organizations to ensure that our operations align with the values and needs of the regions we serve. This collaborative approach strengthens our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

    Safety is a cornerstone of Mercer Forestry Services. Our Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) fosters a culture of safety and transparency. We encourage employees and contractors to promptly report hazards, and these reports are addressed in accordance with our safety protocols and discussed in our monthly JOHSC meetings.

    Safety Leadership

    We take our role as safety leaders seriously. Our commitment to safety goes beyond compliance; we strive to set industry standards for safety excellence. Our dedication to creating a safe working environment is unwavering.

    Industry Engagement

    Mercer Forestry Services actively participates in the forestry industry at a senior level. We are proud members of BC’s Trucking and Harvesting Advisory Group (TAG), facilitated by the BC Forest Safety Council. This collaboration brings together senior safety leaders from across the industry, working collectively to drive significant improvements in safety within the forest sector.

    Mercer Forestry Services Careers

    Are you passionate about forestry, sustainability, and making a positive impact? Mercer Forestry Services is always looking for dedicated individuals to join our team. We offer:

    • Career Opportunities: Explore a rewarding career in the forestry industry with Mercer Forestry Services. Whether you’re interested in wood harvesting, wood hauling, chip hauling, or road building, there’s a place for you in our team.
    • Commitment to Sustainability: Join us in our mission to uphold sustainable forestry practices. 
    • Safety First: Your safety matters to us. We prioritize safety in every aspect of our operations, providing a secure and supportive work environment.
    • Industry Engagement: Mercer Forestry Services actively engages with industry leaders and organizations. Working with us means you’ll be part of shaping the future of forestry.

    If you’re ready to be part of our team and make a difference, we invite you to explore our current job openings and join the Mercer Forestry Services family.


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    Our Services

    Wood Harvesting

    Mercer Forestry Services excels in wood harvesting. Our experienced team and core group of contractors work together to responsibly harvest 300,000 m³ of wood annually. We employ best practices to minimize environmental impact and maximize resource utilization.

    Wood Hauling

    Our expertise extends to wood hauling, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation of the harvested wood to various destinations. We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the wood throughout the transportation process.

    Chip Hauling for Mercer Celgar

    As a trusted partner, we specialize in chip hauling services for Mercer Celgar. Annually, we transport over 200,000 tonnes of chips, contributing to the efficiency of Mercer Celgar’s operations.

    Road Building

    To improve access to remote work sites, we offer road-building services. Our infrastructure development ensures safe and reliable access, facilitating the smooth flow of operations.

    • Building Relationships in Our Communities

      At Mercer Forestry Services, we take immense pride in being an integral part of the Lumby community and the broader BC Southern Interior. Our commitment to responsible forestry goes hand in hand with our dedication to giving back to the communities that support us.

      Supporting Local Initiatives

      We actively engage with local initiatives and organizations to contribute to the well-being of the Lumby area and the BC Southern Interior. Whether participating in projects, sponsoring community events, or collaborating with our stakeholders, our aim is to make a positive impact beyond our operations.

      Environmental Stewardship

      As stewards of the land, we understand the importance of preserving the natural beauty of the BC Southern Interior. Mercer Forestry Services is deeply committed to environmentally sustainable practices that ensure the long-term health of the region’s forests, wildlife, and ecosystems.

      Community Partnerships

      Our partnerships with local businesses and organizations are a testament to our commitment to community growth and prosperity. Mercer Forestry Services is dedicated to nurturing long-lasting relationships that benefit everyone involved.