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    Small Beginnings, Exceptional Services

    Mercer Forestry Services operates in beautiful Lumby, British Columbia, Canada located 5 hours north-east of Vancouver in the North Okanagan. Lumby and the surrounding community have a rich logging and farming history dating back to the 1800s. This history makes Mercer Forestry Services operations the perfect fit for Lumby, providing log harvesting and hauling, road building, and chip hauling services.

    Mercer Forestry Services is a growing company both within Mercer and within the industry. Beginning operations in 1995, they are one of Mercer’s younger operations but are determined to grow more within the fibre market. Between their services, Mercer Forestry Services transports 300,000 cubic metres of wood annually. Their services assist Mercer Celgar operations by providing chip hauling and, similar to Mercer Holz, provide log harvesting and hauling to third-party customers operating in British Columbia. Road building is also offered to third-party customers, allowing easier access to harvesting and other work sites.

    By joining the Mercer team, Mercer Forestry Services looks forward to their immediate growth over the next 3-5 years and building their operations further into the future.


    Growth and Learning for Our People

    Being located in a rural area has provided Mercer Forestry Services with a close-knit team. Our team includes 42 members as well as a dozen subcontractors who have worked with the company for years, making us a major employer in the Lumby community and outlying area. Mercer Forestry Services is very proud of the team we have and their focus on working collaboratively and safely. 

    We are also very proud of our safety record. The health and safety of our operations are continuously improving and we expect will only continue to do so with the help of our newly established Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOHSC). We believe that working safely allows for our team members to become better immersed in and enjoy their work.

    Because we are interested in growing within the industry, we are focused on how we can build our team in a way that attracts potential team members to a rural community while also attracting talent from all walks of life. Mercer Forestry Services has engaged in a diversity & inclusion project with workshops honing in on how we can be more inclusive not just in our work culture but in our hiring process. We look forward to continuously improving in this area to grow and diversify our team.

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    • Rural Living with Amazing Organizations

      The Lumby community is known as the Gateway to the Monashee, situated near the edge of the Monashee Mountains. Proximity to the mountains and surrounding lakes makes the community the perfect area for those that love the outdoors. Being a half-hour from Vernon and an hour drive from Kelowna also means an urban centre is close by when needed.

      Lumby’s small community has not only provided Mercer Forestry Services with a close-knit team but also close relationships with local organizations. Yearly donations are made to the Lumby Fire Department, the Figure Skating Club, and the Wildlife Group, but donations and fundraisers have also gone to the community senior housing, the local medical clinic Lumby & District Health Services Society, and Charles Bloom Secondary School. We are thankful for the opportunity to show our appreciation to the great organizations and groups when we can.

      Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was a particularly difficult year for all in the community. Because of the size of our community, we noticed that spirits were low in our local high school; due to social distancing restrictions, the graduating class of 2020 could not celebrate as they had in past years with a ceremony. Mercer Forestry Services wanted to give the class the send-off they deserved and, through coordinating with the school and other local logging & hauling companies, hosted a 2020 Grad Parade through the town. The parade consisted of various companies’ low-bed trucks, including Mercer Forestry Services, decorated by the grad committee and then driven by a team member from each company. It was a beautiful day to celebrate and the town was able to safely celebrate the achievements of our youth.

      Note from CBSS Grad 2020