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2002C Dyffryn Road
Lumby, BC
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    Mercer Forestry Services: Nurturing Lumby's Rich Heritage

    Mercer Forestry Services is attuned to the region’s deep-rooted logging and farming history. Situated within a 5-hour drive northeast of Vancouver, Lumby serves as a fertile ground for our diverse services.

    Operational Evolution

    Founded in 1995, Mercer Forestry Services has steadily grown to become a key player in the fibre market. Annually, we handle 300,000 cubic meters of wood, affirming our significant role in regional economic vitality.

    Integrated Support

    We augment Mercer’s broader operations, closely working with Mercer Celgar in chip hauling. Like Mercer Holz, we offer log harvesting and hauling services to third-party clients in British Columbia. Our road-building services further ease access to remote work sites.

    Future Outlook

    Aligned with Mercer’s focus on sustainability and data-driven decision-making, Mercer Forestry Services is set for future expansion. We aim to be more than a company; we strive to be agents of sustainable and responsible forestry.

    Join us as we continue to integrate into Lumby’s community, championing a future where responsible stewardship and sustainable practices are paramount. Together, we bridge tradition and progress.


    Growth and Learning for Our People

    Team Dynamics at Mercer Forestry Services

    Our success is built on the dedication of our 65-member team, enhanced by a core group of long-standing subcontractors. This collective has established us as a cornerstone employer in Lumby and its neighbouring regions, while fostering a sense of pride in our close-knit community.

    Commitment to Safety

    We prioritize the health and well-being of our team, as reflected in our strong safety record. Our commitment to elevating safety standards is reaffirmed by our newly formed Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOHSC).

    Diversity and Inclusion

    Acknowledging the need for a diverse workforce, Mercer Forestry Services is initiating a diversity and inclusion project focused on broadening our work culture and hiring practices. Through targeted workshops and initiatives, we aim to become a more inclusive organization, recognizing diversity as a catalyst for innovation and progress.

    Join Our Team

    • Rural Living with Amazing Organizations

      Located at the “Gateway to the Monashee,” Lumby benefits from a prime location near the Monashee Mountains. A 30-minute drive from Vernon and an hour from Kelowna, the town combines natural beauty with accessibility to urban amenities.

      Community Focus at Mercer Forestry Services

      Community is central to Mercer Forestry Services’ operations. Lumby’s close-knit environment influences our team and shapes our partnerships with local organizations. These relationships are built on mutual respect and shared values.

      Our Commitment to Lumby

      Our engagement with Lumby goes beyond business; it’s a commitment to long-term, positive impact. Here’s how we contribute:

      Local Support: We collaborate with key community entities like the Lumby Fire Department, Figure Skating Club, and Wildlife Group, recognizing their importance in local well-being.

      Health and Senior Care: We support senior housing and the Lumby & District Health Services Society, emphasizing the need for accessible healthcare for all.

      Youth Development: Charles Bloom Secondary School receives our backing as we invest in nurturing the next generation’s potential.

      Mercer Forestry Services aims to be more than just a company in Lumby. We strive to be an integral part of a thriving community, contributing to its welfare and future. Join us in our commitment to enhancing Lumby’s quality of life.

      Note from CBSS Grad 2020