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    Mercer's Integrated Approach to Building

    Welcome to Mercer Mass Timber, where we spearhead the advancement of wood technology to redefine the North American construction landscape. Our portfolio ranges from tailor-made solutions to standardized cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glue-laminated timber (GLT). We’re your trusted partner in sustainable building.

    Commencing in Spokane Valley, Washington, Mercer Mass Timber’s journey began with establishing a state-of-the-art facility in August 2021. Outfitted with robust automation technology and home to one of the globe’s largest CLT presses, we stand proud as North America’s foremost CLT production destination. Our esteemed “Authorization to Mark” by PFS-TECO underlines our commitment to quality, PRG 320-2019 compliance, and industry leadership.

    In our continuous quest for excellence, Mercer Mass Timber, a subsidiary of Mercer International Inc., strategically acquired Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation bringing in two new manufacturing facilities under the Mercer Mass Timber brand: Mercer Conway (located in Arkansas, USA) and Mercer Okanagan (located in Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, Canada). This integration amplifies our production capabilities and reinforces our standing as North America’s top mass timber product producer.

    Brian Merwin, Senior Vice President of Mercer Mass Timber, commented, “This acquisition is a milestone. Our goal has always been to cater comprehensively to all mass timber requirements, and with this expansion, we’re closer to that vision.”

    The Impact of Our Expansion

    • Increased Production: With added capabilities in CLT and an additional 45,000m3 capacity in glulam production, we’re poised to undertake larger, intricate projects.
    • Bolstering Expertise: By pooling industry stalwarts, we’re now better equipped to tackle complex ventures, present innovative solutions, and navigate the industry’s ever-evolving dynamics.
    • Geographical Reach: Our expanded facilities translate to a broader service range, encompassing the US and international arenas. This aligns perfectly with our mission to champion sustainable construction worldwide.
    • A Step Towards Standardization: As our market share grows, so does our influence on product specifications within the North American mass timber industry. Mercer Mass Timber envisions a future where mass timber stands tall alongside established materials like steel and concrete.

    For the latest updates, insights, and more, kindly visit or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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    The New Era of Construction

    Mass timber stands as a beacon of innovation in the construction industry, heralding a transformative shift in how we envision and realize our built environments. Not only does it challenge the norms of traditional building materials, but it showcases how we can merge the aesthetics of nature with modern construction requirements.

    Why Mass Timber Matters

    1. Eco-Friendly Foundation:
      • Carbon Sequestration: Trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide during their growth, storing this carbon even when turned into timber products. This makes mass timber a critical ally in the fight against climate change.
      • Sustainable Forestry: The wood for mass timber primarily comes from managed forests where trees are replanted, ensuring that the carbon cycle continues and our green resources are replenished.
    2. Architectural Marvel:
      • Aesthetic Brilliance: Mass timber provides a warmth and organic feel to structures that few other materials can replicate. The natural grains and tones of the wood make buildings feel more integrated with nature.
      • Design Flexibility: The versatility of mass timber allows for creative architectural designs, from undulating curves to sharp modern lines.
    3. Strength and Resilience:
      • Rivals Traditional Materials: Mass timber’s strength and durability match or even surpass conventional materials like concrete and steel in many applications.
      • Safety First: Mass timber exhibits exceptional performance under fire conditions, charing at predictable rates while retaining its structural integrity.
    4. Economic and Efficient:
      • Speedy Construction: Prefabricated mass timber elements streamline onsite construction processes, reducing build times and labour costs.
      • Lightweight: Its reduced weight compared to materials like concrete lessens foundation costs and can streamline other construction processes.
    • Mercer Mass Timber: Driving Global Change

      As urbanization increases and the global call for sustainable solutions amplifies, mass timber stands as an answer. The world’s construction industry accounts for a significant portion of global carbon emissions. Adopting mass timber can not only reduce this footprint but can help in sequestering carbon, making our cities not just neutral but positive forces in our environmental goals.

      The shift to mass timber isn’t just about a change in material; it’s about rethinking our relationship with the environment. It’s about recognizing that even in our urban landscapes, we can be harmonious with nature. At Mercer Mass Timber, we’re not just building structures; we’re pioneering a vision for a greener, more sustainable future. Join us on this journey.

      Mass Timber

    Mercer Mass Timber's Advantage

    • Sustainability: Beyond a mere construction material, our ‘mass timber’ is an emblem of green construction, embodying the strength of modern methods while championing sustainability. We’re selective. Every piece of wood, primarily our softwood lumber – Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF), is selected from certified forests sprawling across western Canada, the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Northwest.
    • Innovative Design: Our tech-infused framework underpins our promise of quality and design versatility. With advanced tools such as parametric design, CNC cutting, and sophisticated finishing techniques, we ensure excellence at every production phase. Riding alongside the rapid advancements in AEC industries, our cutting-edge prefabrication technologies echo our vision of tomorrow’s high-performance timber structures.
    • Tailor-made Solutions: We’re more than suppliers; we’re collaborators. From single-story structures to awe-inspiring 18-story skyscrapers, our product range emphasizes a future of sustainable yet grand construction. Mercer Mass Timber’s ethos revolves around an integrated product-to-project strategy ensuring precision, affordability, and efficiency. Leveraging tools like Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), we drive projects from conception to realization, ensuring immaculate execution at every juncture.