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Mercer Mass Timber LLC

19202 E Garland Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA
United States

    A Leader in Growth and Production

    Purchased in August of 2021, Mercer Mass Timber is a state-of-the-art cross-laminated timber (CLT) manufacturing facility located in the city of Spokane Valley, Washington, USA. Equipped with extensive automation technologies, the Mercer Mass Timber factory has one of the largest CLT presses currently in operation globally and is the largest production facility in North America.

    Building a Team for a Sustainable Future

    Building a successful team at Mercer Mass Timber comes from motivation and excitement, communication and collaboration. Reliance on each other as a team keeps everyone organized and provides us with consistent, high-quality results, both in safety and production throughout the operations. The biggest asset to the factory is the people who work in it. Team members look forward to the challenges of the day, asking questions and learning from each other at every possible moment.

    Mercer Mass Timber is looking forward to growing its workforce over the next 12 months by adding outstanding individuals who look forward to building a team and workplace culture. To learn more about our current and future workplace opportunities, please check back often.

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    • Cross-laminated Timber: Layering for Success

      The Mercer Mass Timber factory resides on 29 acres in eastern Washington, USA. Featuring one of the largest CLT presses globally, Mercer Mass Timber has easy access to rail lines and interstate highways, offering a number of transport options.

      At Mercer Mass Timber, the cross-laminated timber press is the heart of the factory. The press is a critical component of the CLT fabrication process. The layering of kiln-dried lumber, once laid flat, utilizes a structural adhesive between the wood layers. It is at this time that the wood layers are formed using the press with a high pressure application. The result enables us to create multiple dimensions of panels, with a high strength-to-weight ratio, providing advantages for structural, fire, thermal, and acoustic performance.

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