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    A New Era – Mercer in Germany

    Mercer’s inaugural mill in Germany finds its home in Rosenthal am Rennsteig, strategically positioned in one of the nation’s vital forest regions, approximately 300 km to the south of Berlin. This storied location has been a hub for production since its inception in 1883.

    In 1994, Mercer took the reins, embarking on a journey of transformation. Over the years, the mill underwent extensive modernization, evolving into a cutting-edge kraft pulp facility—the first of its kind in Germany. A substantial investment of over $380 million breathed new life into the operation. This endeavour boosted pulp capacity, trimmed operational costs, lessened environmental impact, and heightened operational efficiency. Presently, Mercer Rosenthal boasts a production capacity of approximately 360,000 tonnes of softwood kraft pulp annually.

    Mercer’s acquisition coincided with the unification of Germany, thrusting the mill into a competitive landscape where it swiftly earned recognition within both the local community and the industry at large. Investments in technology, plant upgrades, and workforce development propelled Mercer Rosenthal to its current status as one of Europe’s foremost modern pulp mills.

    Beyond kraft pulp (NBSK), the facility now yields about 5,000 tonnes of tall oil and over 400,000 MWh of green electricity annually. This self-generated energy not only powers the mill but also provides electricity to approximately 50,000 households.

    A significant milestone arrived in the summer of 2023 with the inauguration of Mercer’s Lignin Center at the Rosenthal site. This pioneering facility is Central Europe’s first of its kind, capable of daily lignin extraction of up to one tonne. In collaboration with partners from the realms of science, research, and industry, Mercer is committed to developing lignin-based products, ushering in a new era where fossil-based products are replaced with sustainable alternatives.

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    Growth within Our Community

    With over 130 years in operation, our community has grown both within and outside of Mercer Rosenthal’s walls. Mercer Rosenthal offers an attractive and safe work environment while focusing on professional development. Each year, we invest approximately €250,000 into programs that further develop our workforce; as a result, 70% of our workforce can fulfill second positions throughout the mill. Each year in August, new apprentices, ranging across six different types of qualifications, are hired and complete three years of training with a combination of school and practical learning.

    Our 380 team members are proud to work at Rosenthal and take part in the numerous social benefits and high standard of safety in all areas. With 2019 being our 25th Anniversary at Mercer Rosenthal, we can’t wait to see the further growth that our team members will experience and share with Mercer and the community.

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    • Connected to the Country and to Our People

      Our Mercer Rosenthal mill is in a beautiful, scenic area that provides our community with a physical connection to the country. Blankenstein, the village within Rosenthal am Rennsteig where Mercer Rosenthal resides, lies on the border to Bavaria, where the river Selbitz flows into the river Saale. This is where the Rennsteig begins – the historic border trail which, with a length of almost 170 km, is the oldest and most frequented long-distance hiking trail in Germany. We’re happy to reside in a village with a rich, varied, and interesting history that connects through historical trails and waterways.

      As we live, work, and play in our local communities, we believe in supporting local activities and organizations in many ways. The following are just a few of the many organizations that are able to perform their work through the support of Mercer Rosenthal:

      • Blankenstein Kindergarten
      • Firefighters of Harra
      • The summer theatre of Bad Lobenstein
      • The animal home
      • Many sports and leisure clubs in the region