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Improving Our Performance

Change is essential today. By applying innovative approaches to the manufacture of our products, we ensure our adaptability to current and future market changes.

We invest in the future through continuous analysis and optimization by being bold in our approach and calculated (but not reckless) in our risk-taking.  We seek sustainable solutions, we continuously improve our operational performance, and we strengthen our technical approach to become more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.

Innovation is one of Mercer’s three core competencies to improve our performance and further establish ourselves as an industry leader. Innovation equally encompasses products, processes, and creative strategies.

Our Strategy

The Mercer Fibre Centre

Refining plays a key role in papermaking and is an important link between pulp and paper, between Mercer and our customers. 

The Mercer Fibre Centre at our Mercer Stendal mill in Germany is primarily dedicated to studying the refining process and conducting fibre property studies. It is fully equipped for pulp and paper testing and other analytical capabilities.

The heart of the Mercer Fibre Centre is a fully automated laboratory refiner consisting of a pulper, monopump, the refiner itself, a sampling station, and the control unit. Its operating principle is based on grinding intensity and specific grinding energy and is thus able to simulate the industrial grinding process. The refiner offers a high degree of versatility and flexibility for performing specific tests.

A key focus of the Mercer Fibre Centre is strategic collaboration with customers, external partners, and research institutes and universities. With technical expertise and practical experience, our technology team supports paper manufacturers in fully exploiting the potential of fibres in their manufacturing processes.

  • The Partnership of Innovation and Technology

    Many of Mercer’s projects continue to focus on increasing efficiency and capacity at our sites. Our most recent expansion project at Mercer Timber Products is nearing completion. The extensive investment will further develop the plant into a world-class facility.

    Improvements to our production sites and processes are incredibly important to our value and vision of sustainability. Solutions must involve the entire supply chain. The use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology enables real-time traceability of our pulp bales. This allows us to better manage our warehouse, transport pulp to our customers more efficiently, and help our customers manage their warehouses.


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