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    Deep in History

    Our Stendal mill is located near the lovely town of Arneburg, which is in the district of Stendal, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. This beautiful community is approximately 130 kilometers west of Berlin and is situated on the West bank of the Elbe River, approximately 12 kilometers northeast of Stendal. Arneburg, which was first referenced in history in the year 984, is one of the oldest towns in the region, known as ‘Altmark’.

    We completed the construction of the $1.1 billion facility in 2004 and it was, for nearly the next decade, the most modern NBSK pulp mill in the world, originally designed for 520,000 tonnes of NBSK and about 100 MW of green electricity. Today, after several large optimization projects, including the current Stendal 740 project, the mill has 740,000 tonnes of NBSK capacity, 148 MW of green electricity, and a modern turpentine and tall oil extraction plant. Like all of our pulp facilities, Stendal produces enough green energy to meet our internal needs as well as provide green energy to the electricity grid.

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    A Strong Mercer Team

    Our Stendal team totals approximately 480 members. To ensure our team’s strength and harmonization with our global strategy, we provide tools and opportunities to give our teams the most current knowledge of the technical aspects of our business and Mercer.

    Our staff intranet and Mercer News publication provide team members with information about our people, production, and safety; while our quarterly meetings and union meetings keep members up to date on operations and decisions, allowing them to ask questions and clarify our strategies. In addition to these tools along with a good standard salary, we offer our team members community benefits such as access to a high-quality canteen and additional insurance coverage.

    We make sure to connect as a Mercer team outside of work as well. Our annual Christmas party is a hit for team members, and members have the opportunity to become involved in our sports club “ZS Turbine.” Our team members are like our family, so in turn, we want to do the best we can to make their families feel like our family too. We host Family Day barbecues, providing a chance for our team members to invite their family and showcase what they do at Stendal. A mill tour takes place, followed by food, music, and fun for everyone.

    Join Our Team

    • Listening and Engaging with Our Community

      Our goal is to hold consistent, direct dialogue with our community, giving them a deeper insight into Mercer Stendal: what our industry is doing to remain sustainable and protect the environment, and provide knowledge about our products and workplace. We want to be as involved and transparent as possible so we utilize press releases and brochures to inform the public of mill-specific activities, such as our annual mill shutdown, large transports, and safety information. 

      Along with our mill tours on Family Days, we also host open houses which include tours for the general public as an opportunity to ask questions about our process, learn more about mill opportunities, and to see the mill operations. We appreciate open dialogue and having the ability to provide information to those who would like to know more about our operations and industry. This is why we provide opportunities for the community to receive information, ask questions, and provide input related to our operations.

      It’s also important for us to engage with the youth in our community. They’re not just our future workforce, but our future in general. That’s why, as part of our sponsorship and donation policy, we focus on future-oriented projects, initiatives, and events such as:

    • Education Focused

      • Annual children’s holiday trip
      • Partner with schools to educate students on our products and processes
      • Sponsor/donate funds for sports equipment and busses for school events
      • Safety giveaways to students (rucksacks, reflective bands)
      • Host information events for students and their parents on occupational training and opportunities for their kids
      • School lessons on economics, job application training, and career orientation
    • Community Focused

      • Neighbourhood fire brigades
      • Cultural Summerfest of the government of Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin
      • Supporting the Elbe flood victims
      • Participation in regional job fairs
      • Inhouse jobs fairs, hosted by current trainees to recruit new trainees
      • Host information events with mill tours for our neighbours