Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Growing Our Expertise, Sustainably

At its core, our mission is to foster sustainable growth and broaden our horizons in the remarkable realm of forest products. Our comprehensive approach allows us to unleash captivating possibilities. Through strategic acquisitions that complement our existing portfolio and targeted capital expenditures, we nurture organic growth and enhance the potential of our current assets.

By fostering collaboration and empowerment within our organization, we embrace diversification, paving the way for developing extraordinary products and unlocking new avenues for growth. We pride ourselves on operating state-of-the-art facilities that rival the best in the world. We create a harmonious balance between business and the greater good by upholding the highest standards of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and governance practices.

As we look forward, our Vision 2030 revolves around the collective obligation to link our aspirations, actions, and results on both personal and global levels. It entails intertwining our forward-looking endeavours with tangible, precise, and assessable strategies. Our 4-pillar strategy — Financial, Synergistic Diversification, Circular Economy, and People & Safety — is a blueprint for connecting, adjusting, and attaining advancements to foster alignment within the organization, enhance employee involvement, and achieve operational excellence. 

2030 Aspirational Goals

  • Financial

    Our unwavering dedication lies in upholding a resilient capital structure that safeguards the company during market downturns while simultaneously enabling swift expansion when opportunities for growth arise. Over time, we maintain a prudent level of leverage, prioritizing stability. Additionally, we remain committed to offering a substantial dividend that we anticipate can be sustained across economic cycles.

    During periods of extraordinary strain on the stock price, we have extended support to our shareholders by repurchasing modest quantities of stock through open-market transactions. This proactive approach underscores our commitment to delivering value and fostering shareholder confidence.

    Our Investors

Synergistic Diversification

Based on our expertise with wood and its byproducts, we seek to develop new products through wood processing and working with derivatives of the kraft pulping process. Currently, these processes are focused on:

  • the production and sale of mass timber and other value-added wood products;
  • the further refinement of materials contained in black liquor, the extractive chemical and lignin-containing compounds that are a result of the kraft pulping process;
  • the further refinement of cellulose materials that are currently the basis of pulp; and
  • higher-use products that may be derived from wood and plant processing, including oils from sandalwood trees.

We are working on some of these initiatives on our own and in conjunction with industry associations or joint venture partners. We are also researching potential higher-use products that may be derived from processing different species of trees and plants.

In an effort to further grow our chemical sales and bring additional value to our byproduct stream, we are investing in a pilot lignin plant at our Rosenthal mill. This plant will allow us to research the commercial opportunities of this product. Lignin has many potential uses in the manufacture of green alternative products such as adhesives and carbon black.

Products & Services

People & Safety

We believe the strength of our workforce is one of the significant contributors to our success as a global company. All our employees contribute to our success, and we employ a collaborative group of skilled, dedicated, resourceful and innovative individuals who support our core purpose and reflect our values every day. Attracting, developing and retaining global talent with the right skills to drive our business is central to our vision and long-term growth strategy.

Safety is a cornerstone of our operations at Mercer, and we prioritize the well-being of our team members, customers, and communities we serve. By implementing comprehensive safety protocols and fostering a culture of vigilance, we create a secure work environment that promotes productivity and long-term success. Through regular training and education, we empower our team members to identify and address potential risks, ensuring that safety remains at the forefront of our organizational values. Our commitment to continuous improvement and adherence to industry standards allows us to provide a safe and secure experience for all stakeholders involved.

It's not what we say at Mercer: It's what we do.

  • Operations

    At the heart of our vision lies the firm understanding that the operation and maintenance of our highly efficient manufacturing facilities are pivotal to our success. We recognize the significance of achieving energy self-sufficiency, maximizing cost-effectiveness, and optimizing operational efficiency. By diligently focusing on these aspects, we are confident in building a solid foundation that will enable us to expand and thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

    Our Operations

  • Circular Economy

    We think a lot about wood utilization from both a cost and sustainability perspective. At Mercer, our operations focus on increasing the utilization of the raw materials in our process while minimizing waste. Full utilization starts in the forest and continues through every step of the pulping process in our large, modern facilities.