Timber Products

Timber Products

Quality Lumber and Wood Products

We are a preferred supplier of quality lumber and wood products to our customers around the world. At Mercer, we own and operate one of the world’s largest sawmill operations with an annual production capacity of 550 MMfbm. Our modern sawmill facility utilizes the latest technologies in manufacturing, including optimal scanning, planing, sorting, and drying leading to efficient operations and high-quality products.

Mercer Timber Products

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Sustainable Lumber Products

We produce a wide range of sustainable softwood lumber products. To do so, we leverage our leadership in wood logistics and sustainable best practices to efficiently serve the diverse needs of our global customers. We produce lumber using only wood sourced from sustainably managed forests in order to preserve our natural resources and a sustainable future.

Our lumber products are recyclable, biodegradable, and carbon-friendly. They are used by consumers for home construction, renovations, and packaging. In the right environment, they do not degrade over time and retain carbon. Competing alternatives tend to be manufactured from steel, concrete, or plastic – products that are generally somewhat recyclable but not biodegradable in cases where recycling is not available.

  • North American dimension lumber
  • Japan dimension lumber
  • Structural timber blanks for KVH and glulam
  • UK dimension lumber
  • Customer-defined dimension lumber

With sales offices in Germany and Canada, we reach out to the global markets by connecting with our customers personally, developing and maintaining relationships through our dedicated attention.

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Why Choose Mercer Timber Products

The trusted choice in sustainable, quality wood products.

  • We are technical leaders in the industry.
  • We maintain a high standard for grading and operate two fully automated Transverse High Grader lines ensuring accurate grading consistency.
  • We offer a large range of products – from kiln-dried, planed US dimension lumber to fully customized, rough metric-sized beams.
  • We are one of the largest log buyers in Central Europe with an abundance of a good quality log supply in the region.
  • We have a mix that is heavy to spruce and pine.
  • We source wood from sustainably managed forests.

Our experienced team is here to exceed your expectations of service, quality, product mix, industry knowledge, and assistance in finding product-based solutions. Our experienced sales team is located in two offices, Germany and Canada, to provide exceptional service to our customers.

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