Sustainability is Core to Our Business

At Mercer, we are transforming biomass into bioproducts for a more sustainable world. We understand that we must earn the right to produce these bioproducts, granted by the many stakeholders with whom we interact. Sustainability is a core value at Mercer and is completely integrated into our strategies and behaviours.

Want to know more? Please find our Mercer Sustainability Report 2022 “Fit for Future” here [PDF].

2023 Sustainability Goals

2022 Sustainability Progress

Mercer's Vision of Sustainability

We understand that the world is changing and that we can influence the rate of change for the better. While our processes and global marketplace may be complex, our approach to operating our company is not. We believe in Mercer’s unified core purpose to align ourselves with what we believe is important in sustainability:

  • Continuous improvement in environmental performance
  • Mitigating climate change
  • Continuous improvement in resource efficiency
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Embracing social responsibility
  • Stakeholder engagement

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  • Climate Change

    Climate Change

    We understand that the world is changing and that we can influence the rate of change for the better. The state of our environment is a commitment we take seriously, and reducing our footprint is an area where we have seen much success associated with our processes, products, and activities.

    Our Efforts

  • Forests


    Our professional foresters practice industry-leading forestry management. Knowing where our wood comes from is critical when it comes to creating bioproducts for a more sustainable and ethical world.

    Forest Management

  • Air & Water

    Air & Water

    Air and water are integral to the processes of our mills’ production. We focus on continuous improvement of our processes to minimize or eliminate production upsets which may impact our emission levels.

    Reducing Emissions

  • Resource Optimization

    Resource Optimization

    As manufacturers of natural resources, it is our responsibility to ensure the longevity of our resources, protecting the environment, reducing both our carbon footprint, and working towards a solution in the circular economy.

    Our Utilization

  • Certificates


    We maintain third-party chain of custody certification to ensure all wood comes from sustainably managed forests. We work to ensure our certifications provide added assurance that our company is operating legally, sustainably, and in compliance with world-recognized standards.

    Our Certificates