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    Establishing Ourselves as a Leader

    Santanol is one of the newest members of the Mercer family and operates East Indian Sandalwood plantations in Kununurra, in the northwest of Australia. The plantations, with a cultivation area of approximately 2,500 hectares, produces one of the finest essential oils found in nature. In the 1980s, The Western Australian Forestry Authority realized that because of Australia’s rich water resources and tropical temperatures they were a strong candidate to aid in the cultivation of Sandalwood by establishing their own plantations. Thanks to this government program, the first owners of Santanol planted their first East Indian Sandalwood trees in the late 1990s.

    Our pure and natural Sandalwood oil is derived from the rich heartwood of the trees. We use traditional low-pressure steam distillation to produce the oil from the roots, trunks, and large branches of the trees. The oil is then refined and blended through state-of-the-art techniques in our distillation and processing facilities to meet our clients’ requirements, whether it be for aromatherapy, flavours, fine fragrances, pharmaceutical, or skincare products.

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    Supporting Our Community

    With a production process that is labour intensive, we rely upon each other as being a part of the Santanol team.  As part of the Santanol team, we also focus on the local community of Kununurra and look for ways to work together. Our support includes the hiring and training of individuals from the local Aboriginal community, who make up 35% of the Santanol workforce. We aim to include as many people as possible from the local community of Kununurra in our processes.

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    • Ethical and Sustainable

      The area where Santanol operates has been farmed for several decades. This fully ensures our products come from an ethical, sustainable, and reliable source. Our products are certified as both halal and kosher, ensuring a wide range of audiences can comfortably benefit from their use. Santanol products are also certified by Ecocert as COSMOS Natural, one of the highest standards for cosmetics. Ethical, sustainable, and natural. That’s Santanol.