Team Members

Team Members

Putting Our Team Members’ Health & Safety First

Our team members are a diverse group of skilled, dedicated, and innovative professionals that support our core purpose and reflect our values every day. Our focus is on our people, and nothing is more important to us than their health and safety.

We work in industrial environments: we are surrounded by moving equipment, we work with sensitive materials, and we work in close proximity to others. Some of us are very experienced, while others are new or young team members. We need to be extremely focused on the safety of ourselves and our co-workers. We apply considerable resources to improving our health and safety performance on our Road to Zero incidents, providing team members with the right tools and training to ensure that we all stay safe at the worksite.

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Code of Conduct

When you deal with a Mercer team member, you are dealing with someone with whom we have high expectations of personal conduct.

You can expect that we will conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standards and that our actions will be free from discrimination or harassment. You can expect us to comply with all laws, rules and regulations, including environmental, human resources, health and safety, taxation, accounting, and securities statutes.

We have a policy of non-discrimination on any basis, including age, race, colour, creed, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other legally protected status.

Our Board of Directors is available to receive any concerns individuals may have, and we maintain a whistleblower service to report concerns directly to our Board.

Code of Conduct (PDF)

Training & Growth

We believe that meaningful, relevant, and regular training for all team members is critical to our success and the career success of our team members. To that end, we provide a deep mix of training that will help our people grow and be more effective in their current and future roles. 

We provide technical training for our operators. Early on in their careers, this is apprentice training – a program designed to introduce new workers to a broad spectrum of technical, safety, and policy training. Later on, training focuses more on current technology and leadership development.

In addition to technical training, as natural leadership characteristics begin to emerge, we prepare those individuals for supervisory and management positions by providing very specific and high-quality leadership training. One of the most important elements of this training at the highest level is provided through our partnership with the St. Gallen Management Institute in Switzerland, a world leader in senior leadership development. The school provides Mercer-focused management and strategic development training for our future leaders.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe diversity, equity and inclusion are essential ingredients in a truly collaborative company. A variety of education, skills, and life experiences are required to ensure we have balanced viewpoints, offering different perspectives, in order to continuously improve our operational practices and sustainability efforts.

Our company culture thrives as we work to make Mercer a global company focused on vision, values, and engagement – by everyone and for everyone.

We currently employ approximately 3,250 people. While gender is only one aspect of diversity, we are proud that approximately one-third of the top 100 management positions of the company are held by women and three out of 11 current independent Board of Directors are women.

We are making even more changes to our recruiting and training processes to make our workplaces even more reflective of the diversity that exists in our communities.

To be a champion of diversity, we must first grow stronger, and we look forward to growing together.

It is the investment in our people that drives Mercer’s excellence.

  • Building a Supportive Workplace

    We provide safe, comfortable working conditions for all team members. We do not employ nor do we contract with any parties that employ people who are subjected to unsafe conditions. The vast majority of our team members are part of a union or a works council with whom we have worked to design conditions that are safe from physical injury, harassment, and discrimination. In addition, as a supportive workplace, we do our best to accommodate the distinct circumstances of our team members that may require modified workplaces.

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The Well-being of Team Members

We care about the well-being of our team members and their families. This well-being is beyond the basic provision of a safe-from-injury workplace, but also a rich quality of life. Quality of life for us means many things, but we believe that we can support our team members with a well-paying job, rich career opportunities, and a balanced and secure future accompanied by time away from work with friends and family.

Our team members are provided benefits packages that provide excellent pension, medical, dental, and vision care benefits. Team members are also able to access specialized assistance such as physiotherapy, lifestyle, retirement planning, and family counselling services.

We know that a successful home and family life supports successful workers, and we work to help our people achieve what they require.

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