Growing our Company, Growing our People

Mercer would not be where we are today without the relationships we have with people. We seek out relationships and growth opportunities through partnerships with the communities we work in, our customers and suppliers of our products, and our associations and memberships to support the industry.

Internally, growth involves the development of our talent – providing opportunities for team members to learn and develop new skills. Challenging our team members to continuously learn keeps them engaged as a member of the Mercer team well into the future.

Sustainable Development of People with Programming

Continuous learning is not just about the hard skills, but the soft skills as well: adapting to a new working culture and learning how to be more inclusive makes a difference in the professional development of our people. Only by embodying our values will our workplace continue to develop positively into a strong workforce.

Demonstrating our value of Health & Safety, the Road to Zero program was implemented in 2015 as a journey toward zero injuries in the workplace. This program included developing new mindsets in our safety culture – a mindset that has been well received, giving us pride in the aptitude and resiliency of our workforce.

Where we want resiliency to continue its momentum is in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion portfolio. Innovation can only come from diverse experiences, worldviews, and ideas – all achieved by diversity. Diversity, then, is achieved through equity and inclusion. At this time, a major goal in our DE&I portfolio is to increase the number of women in the workplace. While a third of our top 100 management positions are held by women, we know we can see more equity in these positions, jump-starting our journey of inclusion to move towards other aspects of diversity we want to see in our operations.

Our Values

  • Health & Safety

    Health & Safety

    We believe that nothing is more important than the health and safety of our people and all stakeholders.

    We are dedicated to continuously improving our processes, being individually accountable, and promoting comprehensive safety awareness.

    Our Commitment

  • Communities


    All of our communities are unique, yet all share historical respect for the land. We are fortunate to operate in communities that share a connection to our business and our values. Commitment to the people in our regions provides us with a supportive environment for the success of our talented team members and our partners.

    Our Roots

Team Driven

Our Mercer team of experts have the education, knowledge, and experience to help us manage our resources responsibly. How we manage our resources requires integrated strategies in which social and environmental values are integral components and drivers of our business model – integrated strategies all thanks to our people.

Our Team

  • Customers & Suppliers

    We are focused on growing our company and executing our value-add strategy. Key to this is the strategic collaboration with customers, external partners, and research institutes and universities. Through this collaboration, our technology team works with suppliers and supports manufacturers in fully exploiting the potential of wood and its bioextractives.

    Our Relationships

  • Company Growth

    We invest in excellence, starting with recruitment in forestry, engineering, human resources, maintenance, operations, and environment to help us deliver upon our commitment to being a sustainable enterprise.

    Our Careers