Mercer Stendal pulp mill apprentices

Growing the Future: New Apprenticeship Team Members at Mercer Stendal

Mercer Stendal Apprenticeship Coordinator, Juliane Becker, and the Stendal trainers were so pleased to welcome four young high school graduates – Fabian Volk, Dimo Selert, Madelaine Mehnert, and Lennart Mahnke – as they began their apprenticeship at Mercer Stendal pulp mill in Arneburg, Germany.

The new apprentices have chosen to train as motorcar mechatronics technicians, industrial mechanics, chemical technicians, and industrial clerks. After an introductory week with in-house training courses on the topics of occupational safety and pulp production, as well as a tour of the plant, they will begin their training in their respective fields of work. 

“The needs-based and modern training of qualified specialists is an essential prerequisite for the performance of our company,” says Juliane. “Thus, after successful completion of the training and mutual interest, there is the possibility of obtaining a follow-up contract at the pulp mill.” 

Mercer Stendal trains chiefly in technical professions; however, it is becoming increasingly challenging to find apprentices. The number of positions for commercial occupations is still very high, and a decline in applications in the technical and productive areas is noticeable. “In order to arouse more interest in these promising professions, we participate in regional training fairs, visit schools, and invite school classes to get a taste of the professions in the company,” Juliane Becker continues. 

We encourage students to consider these stable, rewarding, and technical careers. If you’d like more information, please contact us. We would love to tell you more about Mercer and our opportunities. #pulp #careers #sustainable