HIT Holz becomes Mercer Torgau

Torgau, January 10, 2023 – Following the successful takeover by Mercer International Inc. on 30.09.2022, the gradual integration of HIT Holz into the Mercer Group is now taking place. 

Part of this integration is the adoption of the Mercer brand for the products of HIT Holz as well as for the site itself. As one of the first measures, the company was renamed on December 27, 2022, and will operate with immediate effect under the name Mercer Torgau GmbH & Co.KG. The HIT Holz brand will be retained for the time being and gradually replaced throughout the course of 2023.

The change of name and the prospective takeover of the Mercer brand reflects the planned, far-reaching integration of the company into the Group: “As part of a strong Group, we can benefit from synergies in the areas of financing, sales, purchasing, and logistics, among others, and thus further strengthen our operation in the short and long term. The future viability of the site and the associated job security will also be further stabilized by the investments planned by Mercer. For us, this is an important step from which we will all benefit and which we welcome,” explains Managing Director Christian Pospiech. Pospiech also notes of importance, “Just as we have united our company behind the traditional HIT Holz brand, we want to signal cohesion with the other Mercer locations in Germany and worldwide through the new name Mercer Torgau.”

Mercer International also has high hopes for the merger, Pospiech explains. “Our strong position as one of the largest producers in the pallet and biofuel sectors serves to diversify Mercer’s product portfolio. We pursue identical strategies with our business models – the sustainable, most complete possible utilization of wood as a raw material in different product areas. Here, we complement each other in an absolutely sensible way.” 

Further integration steps are planned in the coming weeks and months in order to better make use of the synergies that present themselves.


About Us

Mercer Torgau (MT) is a subsidiary of the North American group Mercer International Inc. We are a diversified global producer of forest products, bioproducts and green electricity with operations in Germany, Canada, the United States and Australia. MT is Europe’s largest EPAL pallets manufacturer with a 17 million wooden pallets production capacity. The byproducts from the sawmill are processed to produce blocks for the company’s pallet production and partly to produce biofuels such as wood pellets and briquettes. The mill in Torgau, Saxony, employs around 800 people. The capacity of the Mercer Torgau sawmill is approximately 700,000 cubic meters of sawn timber. The company also generates 15 megawatts of bioenergy. For further information, please visit www.mercerint.com.

Mercer International Inc. is a global forest products company with operations in Germany, the USA and Canada. With our climate targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiatives, we have an annual production capacity of 2.3 million tonnes of pulp, 960 million board feet of lumber, 140 thousand cubic meters of CLT, 17 million pallets and 150,000 metric tonnes of wood pellets. For further information, please visit www.mercerint.com.

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