Introducing Peace River Transport

Within Mercer and here at Mercer Peace River (MPR), investing in innovative solutions to improve environmental outcomes is a priority. We are continuously enhancing our processes to become more streamlined, efficient, and sustainable. To align with these priorities, we are pleased to introduce an important element of MPR’s Fibre Procurement Project that will greatly improve environmental performance. Mercer International is proud to establish Peace River Transport (PRT), a new transportation company that will support this project and further our sustainability. 

Soon MPR’s woodchipping processes will be moved onsite after the construction of our new woodroom. Currently, our hardwood fibre procurement process is a portable chipping method whereby trees are processed offsite in the forest (sliced or chipped into small, chip-sized pieces) and delivered to the mill using chip trucks. When the woodroom is complete, the fibre procurement process will change to cutting the aspen trees into smaller, uniform log pieces – a process called “Cut-to-Length”. These cut-to-length logs will be transported to MPR on larger, more efficient 10-axle trucks to be processed in the new woodroom.

One of Peace River Transport’s 10-axle trucks


PRT will play an important role in this procurement process by providing the transportation of the cut-to-length logs from the forest to the woodroom. PRT has requisitioned 17 modern 10-axle log trucks with the aim of expanding to over 40. These trucks, operated by both PRT personnel and contracted Owner Operators, will provide the majority of MPR’s fibre transportation needs. The immediate investment is expected to create 34 local jobs, supporting the local economy with the creation of new job opportunities. 

Through this investment, not only will PRT contribute to the economy through direct career opportunities but will also open the door to potential long-term, meaningful partnerships in the region. To help make PRT a reality, Henry Dyck was welcomed as the new General Manager (GM) for PRT.  As GM, Henry looks forward to providing leadership to grow and operate this standalone entity, with the focus to seek and expand the business through additional economic development opportunities. 

“PRT is fundamental to the success of our new Fibre Procurement Project” shared Roger Ashfield, Managing Director. “This Mercer establishment will not only streamline our fibre transportation but will more importantly lower our carbon footprint, creating long-term environmental enhancements. At Mercer, we are constantly evolving our processes to better protect our economy, environment, and the communities in which we operate.” 

This venture demonstrates how Mercer continues to look for innovative, new ways to conduct business in alignment with our vision of a more sustainable world. PRT will build on Mercer’s environmental and social commitments while also advancing our economic competitiveness in the forestry sector. We look forward to working alongside PRT as it develops – broadening our business scope, contributing to the local economies, and creating future opportunities, together.