Juan Carlos Bueno: A Vision for Transforming Biomass into Bioproducts

Gain valuable insights from our CEO and President, Juan Carlos Bueno, in an exclusive interview via the CEO Magazine. Click the link to delve into Juan Carlos’ thoughts and perspectives on our company’s journey and learn more about our sustainable practices.

By exploring the immense potential of sustainably managed forests and biomaterials, Mercer International aspires to help solve some of the biggest issues facing the planet, says President & CEO Juan Carlos Bueno. A powerful tool in the fight against climate change, trees have a natural ability to take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transform it into biomass through a process of photosynthesis.

This biomass can be used to create chemicals and materials known as ‘bioproducts’ as well as used to generate energy that can be harnessed in a number of innovative ways.

These are exciting possibilities that Vancouver-based Mercer International, one of the world’s largest producers of market pulp, is keenly exploring.

Over the last three decades, the company has been looking more closely at forestry and a broader range of forest products, explains the company’s Berlin-based President and CEO, Juan Carlos Bueno.

“The vision that we have set for ourselves is transforming biomass into bioproducts for a more sustainable world,” Bueno tells The CEO Magazine.

“Our work at Mercer is meaningful and can make a difference globally.”

“That’s what defines us, that’s what drives our behavior, our strategy, our values. It’s about how we make sure that we take advantage of the unique position that we’re in of having access to natural resources such as forests, which gives us the responsibility of making sure that we make the best use possible of such precious natural resources.”

While the environmental benefits of transforming woody biomass into a source of bioproducts and renewable energy are significant, it’s crucial to know where the biomass comes from.

For Mercer International, biomass sourcing comes from sustainably managed forests, allowing natural forest renewal and replanting as necessary to ensure the carbon storage in the forests remains or increases. The harvested wood product also provides additional carbon storage. This climate-smart forestry plays a critical role in mitigating climate change through nature-based, low-carbon solutions for society.

The company works carefully with its partners to ensure the sustainability of its wood. As an example, earlier this year, its wood purchasing arm, Mercer Holz, launched a program called ‘Growing forests – Growing a future to support forest owners in Germany in sustaining the longevity of their forests.

Under the initiative, Mercer International will supply carefully selected seedlings to participating forest owners across Germany to help replenish their forests, which are under threat from climate change, natural disasters, wildfires, soil degradation and more.

Read the entire article from our CEO and President, Juan Carlos Bueno, in an exclusive interview via the CEO Magazine.