Loader on Mercer Celgar worksite driving away from a pile of roundwood

Mercer Forestry Services contributes to better community healthcare

LUMBY, BC, October 27, 2021 – This past summer, Mercer Forestry Services committed to donating a truckload of firewood for the Lumby & District Health Services Society (LDHSS) online auction fundraiser. This fundraiser was organized as a way to gain funding support for health professionals with unattached patients, along with the purchasing and upgrading of equipment to sustain high-quality health care within the community. 

“The choice to donate firewood was a logical choice for MFS and winter firewood is a practical need for many in our community,” Marty Hiemstra, General Manager of Mercer Forestry Services, shared.

The LDHSS works with Lumby physicians and Interior Health to provide the best possible care for Lumby, Cherryville and area residents. Understanding that rural communities face unique challenges when it comes to healthcare, the LDHSS supports where possible and ensures that the healthcare professionals have the equipment to do their jobs. This also includes the facilitation of programs that may not otherwise be available.

“We have certain days of the month that you can walk into the clinic and get assistance with heart health, foot care services, options for sexual health, and the like,” said Aimee Lawrence, Accounting Technician for MFS, “The funds raised go a long way to support these clinics and their many services to the communities.”

With the donations from local individuals and companies, the auction raised over $5,800CAD, with Mercer Forestry Services’ firewood contribution providing $1,350CAD to the final amount. With this funding, LDHSS will be able to better support a current health professional with unattached patients. Funding will also be put towards the replacement of x-ray equipment, with a portion of the proceeds to help with the various program costs to keep the individual health clinic programs running. Mercer Forestry Services was happy to contribute to such a cause and looks forward to what the new equipment will bring to the community.

Thanks to improved weather in the region, the firewood was delivered on October 8.


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Mercer Forestry Services is a Canadian, British Columbia-based harvesting contractor serving as a major employer in the rural community of Lumby. With a team of 42 team members, between their services Mercer Forestry Services harvests and transports 300,000 cubic metres of wood annually. Their services include log harvesting and hauling, road building, and chip hauling for third-party customers in BC. Their services work incredibly to support additional residual pulpwood recovery for Mercer Celgar. For more information, visit our website at www.mercerint.com.