Mercer Germany companies donate 35,400 euros to earthquake victims

Arneburg, May 2, 2023 – The news of the destruction in Turkey and Syria after two strong earthquakes on February 6, 2023, touched the team members of Mercer’s German companies. The operations quickly agreed: we must help. A call for donations went out to all German Mercer employees, approximately 2,300 people at four different locations in Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Within a month, numerous employees donated and the companies generously rounded up the sum. 35,400 euros have now been handed over to “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”.

The earthquakes in the region of the Turkish-Syrian border are among the worst natural disasters of the past 100 years. Thousands of people lost their lives and millions were left homeless. Many rescue workers and aid organizations are still on the ground today to provide supplies to the people, having previously worked to safely rescue women, children and men from the rubble. “This makes it all the more important not to let up on our support,” says Mercer Stendal’s Managing Director, André Listemann. “With the organization ‘Aktion Deutschland Hilft’, the project was quickly launched and implemented.”

“The fact that we collected this donation for the earthquake victims in such a short time period and knowing that it will help people in need makes us very happy,” emphasizes Christian Pospiech, Managing Director of the Mercer Torgau sawmill. “Without the support of all our employees, this would not have been possible. Thank you, everyone, such help is very important. We can count on our employees when it matters most.”

Christian also refers to other relief initiatives to which Mercer colleagues have donated, such as the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley or for the victims of the war in Ukraine. But employee support went beyond monetary donations, as they have also organized relief supplies such as clothing, shoes, and equipment for the fire department, which were then trucked directly to Ukraine.



Ronny Arnold (Plant Manager, Mercer Timber Products), Torsten Kröger (Managing Director, Mercer Timber Products), Dr. Christian Sörgel (Managing Director, Mercer Rosenthal), and Tobias Albert (Plant Manager. Mercer Rosenthal) present the donation check for 35,400 euros for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.