Mercer Celgar seen in the distance of a valley along the Nelson River in British Columbia, Canada.

Mercer International Inc. announces 30 days downtime at its Celgar mill

NEW YORK, NY, May 29, 2020 ‑ Mercer International Inc. (“Mercer”) (Nasdaq: MERC) reports that its Celgar mill, in addition to regularly planned maintenance downtime of five days, will be taking approximately 30 days of additional downtime (aggregate 52,000 ADMTs) in July 2020. The additional downtime largely results from reduced fiber availability in the mill’s procurement area as a result of Covid related sawmill curtailments in British Columbia, the imposition of sawlog equivalent stumpage charges on pulpwood and complex stumpage rules which result in a significant amount of pulp wood already harvested being left to burn in the forest.