Dr. Martin Zenker (from left) and Martin Wedding (both Mercer Stendal) handed over four pallets of donated goods to Lars Falke, Christian Seemann from the Zuckerhallen Association and Mayor René Schernikau. Photo: Stefan Rühling

Mercer Stendal supports Ukraine donation campaign

The willingness to donate for the people in Ukraine is great – and the district of Stendal is no exception. In the previous week, Lars Falke from Klein Schwechten launched a campaign for donations, which has been followed by the Arneburg pulp mill of Mercer Stendal.

Last week, Falke shared the idea of his fundraising campaign with the Arneburg-Goldbeck association municipality as well as those responsible at the Goldbecker Zuckerhallenverein, who made their premises available as a temporary collections facility. “We were of course immediately involved and supported the action to the best of our ability,” reports René Schernikau.

The mayor of the association municipality was there Thursday morning when Mercer Stendal delivered a van full of relief supplies. Schernikau and his administration team brought together those responsible at the pulp mill and fundraising organizer Falke. “Of course, I was delighted with Mercer’s participation in the campaign. With winter jackets, boots, but also hygiene articles, the mill has provided what is currently in demand in Ukraine,” said Lars Falke on Thursday.

A total of four pallets, which included blankets, clothing, and safety vests for children, were collected from the pulp mill’s warehouse, packed, and readied for shipment. Using a van, mill manager Dr. Martin Zenker and warehouse employee Martin Wedding brought them to the collections facility.

“After confirming with the administration that we would be able to provide various things, everything happened very quickly,” Dr. Zenker reported. On Wednesday, the call came from the pulp mill that the goods would be delivered as soon as possible. Onward transport would take place as early as Friday evening, or Saturday at the latest. “We send the relief goods to the Polish-Ukrainian border, where they are then taken over and further distributed,” explained Lars Falke.

Martin Zenker made no secret of the fact that there are further efforts on the part of the company to help Ukraine: “At the beginning of the week, we started a fundraising campaign among all Mercer Germany employees, including those in the Thuringia plants as well as Berlin. We will round up the sum as a company, similar to last year’s fundraising campaign for flood victims, at the end of March.”

Until then, there will still be an opportunity to drop off donations at the Goldbecker Zuckerhalle between 5 and 8 p.m. until the evening of March 11. “Toothbrushes, hygiene items, disinfectants, and canned food are also needed,” explains Falke. “But we can make good use of flashlights and sleeping bags.”