Mercer team 3-time recipient in the 2021 Annual FPAC Awards

VANCOUVER, BC, September 21, 2021 – Mercer International Inc. is proud to announce that three team members between our Canadian and Corporate operations have received awards for the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) 4th Annual Awards. Amber Armstrong, Aaron DesLauriers, and Fabian Glowalla were each nominated this summer for the 2021 Awards for their contributions to their mills and to the industry as a whole. As we begin National Forest Week in Canada, we’re happy to share the accomplishments of our winners today.

Aaron DesLauriers

A young leader on the Mercer Peace River Woodlands team, Aaron has received the 2021 FPAC Rising Star Award. In his role as Land Management Supervisor, Aaron has exceeded expectations with his proven leadership on a number of important fronts, including Indigenous and public consultation and engagement, MPR’s climate change study on vulnerability and adaptability, and improving access to forestry knowledge and career information within the community.

Aaron’s passion for forestry, combined with his mild-mannered, community-focused professional nature, lends himself to communicate on a personal level with individuals and agencies from all walks of life. This ability has been a significant benefit in his communications with Indigenous communities, with stakeholders on our Public Advisory Committee, and both government and industry professionals.

Aaron demonstrates through his actions that he truly cares about his team members, a sustainable forest, and sustainable communities – we are so pleased to have nominated him and to celebrate this award as one way of showing our gratitude for working with him at Mercer Peace River.

Fabian Glowalla

A natural problem solver and innovative thinker, who approaches tasks and challenges with optimism, intention, and creativity, Fabian is the recipient of the 2021 FPAC Innovation Award. He started with Mercer International at our Stendal operation in 2004; just over a decade later, Fabian brought his level-headedness and strategic analytical thinking over to our Celgar mill in 2015. 

In 2020, Fabian was promoted to the role of Manager, Energy and Innovation in our Business Excellence department. In this role, his work became more integral in Mercer Celgar’s Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA) contract with BC Hydro. The renewed contract began in October 2020, with the 80-page contract discussing energy qualities, feeding caps, and projected trends for the new agreement. Fabian saw an opportunity to take this information and make it easily digestible for the Celgar employees that needed it.

Fabian developed a workbench to track Mercer Celgar’s energy output in a way that compares it to the optimal trends provided in the contract. Using the tool to look back on success and growth opportunities, as well as prepare for the upcoming trends, has been incredibly beneficial to team members. Thanks to Fabian’s aptitude, abilities, and foresight with this tool, Mercer Celgar is well-positioned to maximize revenues under the Energy Purchase Agreement.

Amber Armstrong

With over 30 years of experience, a Master’s degree in Professional Communications, and an extensive Human Resources background with knowledge in training, development, and mediation, Amber has a deep passion and belief in the importance of communications and relationships related to forestry and sustainability. Her communicative prowess and energy have earned her the 2021 FPAC Member of the Year Award.

As the Manager, Communications & Stakeholder Relations, for the Corporate team, Amber joined Mercer International in 2018 after almost 15 years with Mercer Peace River. A strategic communicator, Amber uses her diversified expertise to approach challenges, minding multiple dimensions at the same time, adapting her discourse to the audience. These attributes have not only been helpful to her role at Mercer but with the industry and FPAC.

Amber  is an active member of the Indigenous, HR, and Public Affairs Committees with FPAC. Her enthusiasm was also demonstrated by her pursuit and completion – while working at Mercer – of a Master’s degree with honours on the subject of how resource industries could improve consultation with Indigenous peoples. Not only is she a key player for Mercer and FPAC Committees, but she continues to volunteer for a number of local societies, clubs, and associations in Peace River.

“I would like to extend my congratulations to Amber, Aaron, and Fabian each for their awards. Each individual earned this acknowledgement in their own right, through their commitment to excellence, and their drive in what they do. I am proud to have such a strong representation for Mercer amongst our Canadian team members.”

-David Gandossi, President and CEO