Mercer Timber Products Receives Safety Award

FRIESAU, JULY 1, 2021 – In April 2020, Mercer Timber Products was amongst the applicants for the Culture of Prevention safety awarded by the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Wood and Metal (BGHM). This application was crowned with success last November. 

The BGHM regularly awards companies that are committed to occupational health & safety and the protection of employees beyond the prescribed level with a strong, established safety culture. 

During the last MTP employee meeting on June 22, 2021, Jutta Noack, supervisor of BGHM Erfurt, presented the “Clever Fox” trophy for the safety award to Managing Director,  Dr. Carsten Merforth. A cash prize associated with the award was donated to charitable causes. 

At this time in 2021, MTP is the only company to have received this award of high esteem from BGHM. A hearty congratulations and a big thank you go to all employees – only through their contribution and thinking could this award have been achieved.

The German press release of the BGHM from June 25, 2021, can be found under the following link.

BGHM Erfurt presents the "Clever Fox" trophy to Mercer Timber Products Managing Director, Dr. Carsten Merforth.

Jutta Noack, supervisor of BGHM Erfurt (left) presents the “Clever Fox” trophy and a cash prize to Mercer Timber Products Managing Director, Dr. Carsten Merforth.