Chip truck parked at the Mercer Stendal pulp mill in Arneburg, Germany

Mercer’s COVID-19 Operational Statement

March 20, 2020

Mercer is closely monitoring the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, paying particular attention to guidance from the World Health Organization, federal government policies, and provincial/regional health authority directives. While we are committed to providing continuity of operations to support our team members, contractors, and customers, we have also implemented numerous measures to keep employees safe at all levels. To this end, over the last several days and weeks, we have:

  • Encouraged and supported remote-access initiatives, so that key staff can work from home or from non-office locations;
  • Restricted business travel, based on guidance from the World Health Organization, and provided alternative arrangements for site and staff meeting (e.g., rescheduling and/or holding virtual meetings, and ensuring meeting rooms adhere to social distancing recommendations);
  • Provided safe working environments that include disinfection of work stations, increased cleaning by janitorial staff, separating shifts, limiting and monitoring staff gatherings in lunchrooms, instituting social distancing, and implementing self-assessment opportunities, which are being overseen by trained staff.

Additionally to this, any employees experiencing cold- or flu-like symptoms are prohibited from coming into the operations and are advised to seek medical attention in line with provincial and regional COVID-19 guidelines.

From an operational standpoint, we are aligning our Mercer locations’ work processes within the guidelines of relevant authorities and remain fully operational. A dedicated leadership team is meeting daily to respond to evolving developments and to adjust our operations accordingly while ensuring the safety and health of our employees, contractors, customers, and partners. If any significant changes in our operations become necessary, we will inform our employees and relevant external stakeholders.

During this period of uncertainty, we are appreciative of the dedication of our teams. Through their efforts, we are addressing these surmountable challenges with confidence. Quickly mobilizing, aligning efforts, and responding with innovative solutions is the Mercer way. To our communities, we look forward to continuing our support.