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Mercer Holz - Rosenthal
Hauptstraße 16
07366 Rosenthal am Rennsteig

+49 36642 8-2314

Mercer Holz - Arneburg
Goldbecker Straße 38
39596 Arneburg

+49 39321 55-600


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    Your Partner in the Wood Business

    Mercer Holz is the wood purchasing organization for Mercer International’s German operations: Mercer Rosenthal, Mercer Stendal, Mercer Torgau, and Mercer Timber Products. For 20 years, we have been supplying pulp and sawmills with large quantities of industrial wood and wood chips. 

    In addition to supplying Mercer’s German mills, we offer industry-leading procurement, harvesting, and logistics services for third-party customers. This provides optimal networking across Europe allowing our suppliers and customers to benefit from the economies of scale. 

    Wherever you need wood in Europe, we can supply you via all modes of transportation; whether it be rail, sea, or road, we will find the right transport route for you. This ensures a reliable and cost-efficient supply chain ﹘ trust in our experienced team members and benefit from our reliable logistics. 

    We are the preferred service provider for forest owners and the wood-processing industry. We purchase wood, bundle it according to tree species and quality, and as a result, we can supply any business according to their quality and logistics requirements. This way, we achieve the maximum value of wood for our suppliers as well as for our customers.

    We Make the Most of Your Wood: Wood Procurement

    As individual forest owners, forestry cooperatives, and traders in Germany and Europe, our suppliers have benefited from a reliable, long-term partnership with us. You can benefit from the diversity in the species and product composition of our procured wood. Not only do we purchase industrial softwood and sawlogs, but we also buy and market hardwood assortments to several partners in the European wood-processing industry.

    We purchase your wood at various stages and in different ways, providing the following services along with purchase:

    • Free delivery to train terminals in or outside of Germany.
    • Free delivery at the forest road.
    • Scaled at the forest road or in the mill.
    • Pricing per assortments or as average.

    Above all, we guarantee reliable and seamless handling. With our regionally located purchasers and highly professional wood sales team, we are able to provide wood of all qualities and assortments from Germany and Europe directly to your mill. Take advantage of the experience of our knowledgeable representatives to find you a flexible and efficient wood purchasing solution.

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    Mercer Holz: Jobs and Training with Perspective

    At Mercer Holz, we are proud of our team members who utilize their expertise and dedication to support our dynamic and growing company. We offer challenging and sustainable work in the field of forestry and the timber industry. If you are interested in working with us at Mercer Holz, please view any openings through the button below or contact us directly. We appreciate your interest and look forward to telling you more about our company and our position. 

    Some of our jobs in action:
    Timber Harvester
    Log Driver

    With approximately 200 team members at Mercer Holz, we support our four German Mercer mills for which Mercer Holz handles the wood procurement and third-party sales. To meet Mercer’s future need for well-trained employees and to continue providing employment opportunities in our region, these mills offer numerous apprenticeships. Building young talent within our own ranks has always worked well for us.

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    • Sustainability in Procurement

      Our future is dependent on wood being available over the long-term in sufficient quantity and quality. It is our goal to keep the forest healthy, manage it wisely, and use it sustainably. As forest managers and owners of a professional timber harvesting fleet, we understand a wide range of challenges that owners, foresters, and operators face every day.

      We know that growing stable forests requires care and that forest owners are faced with many choices. As a forest owner, you decide in which way and to what extent harvesting will be carried out in your forest. At Mercer, we will assist you with our knowledge and support your forestry operations reliably.

      Our competent and local staff will be happy to advise you during this process. We can provide services in both thinning and final harvesting with our modern and efficient machinery. We take responsibility for this high level of efficiency by focusing on investing in the latest equipment and continuously improving our processes.