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Mercer Stendal Logistik GmbH

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    Mercer Logistik (ML) is responsible for the transportation of our pulp produced by Mercer Stendal. Additionally, ML organizes all transport requirements throughout Germany, Europe, and worldwide. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on combining the most ecologically and economically sensible mode of transport – truck, rail or ship.

    We usually provide this service ourselves, but we are also happy to use other carriers and service providers. The decisive factor for us is the management of complex transport chains, which is what we are good at.

    We also offer our international logistics services to third-party customers. We offer our customers a clear structure. Reliability and safety are our main goals for our business partners, who hand over their transport goods to us with a good feeling.

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    When Service Becomes a Philosophy

    Our demand for customer-oriented service quality is the basis of our success. We offer a personal working environment with a strong team spirit. Communication and decision-making are short. Whether you are a professional or a school graduate, we have excellent prospects for you.

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      We offer the right equipment for any transport. You benefit from efficient combinations of all modes of transport along the world’s oldest trade routes. We organize any kind of freight transport solution: be it a single wagon or on a block train; from inland vessels and coasters to break bulk and container shipping; punctuality and efficiency are our top priorities. Long-standing business relationships ensure consistent quality and effective services.

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