Apprenticeship graduation at Mercer Timber Products

A new phase of life begins

There’s reason to celebrate at Mercer Timber Products: the sawmill’s four apprentices recently mastered their final exams and successfully completed their training. Thus, the first foundation stone has been laid for their professional future — of which they all can continue to pursue with us. 

The apprentices received their certificates on March 31, 2023, as well as congratulations from their supervisors, trainers and management for completing their training. Over the past three and a half years, these four have learned their chosen professions of industrial mechanic, electronics technician for automation technology, and agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics technician. We congratulate them on successfully completing their training and wish them all the best for their future careers!

In the front row, the new young skilled workers at Mercer Timber Products (from left to right): Moritz Klinnert, industrial mechanic; Nicolas Lotz, electronics technician for automation technology; Simon Morgenstern and Jacob Stephan, agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics technicians.
Congratulating them (back from left to right): Ronny Arnold, Plant Manager; Eckhard Merx, Locksmith Shop Manager; Alicia Heider, Human Resources Department; René Baum, Maintenance Manager; Rico Preiß, Agricultural and Construction Machinery Mechatronics Technician Trainer.