Driver Training and Recruitment with Mercer Forestry Services

Professional drivers are integral to Mercer Forestry Services (MFS), for both of our log hauling and chip transfer hauling services. Similar to many employers throughout North America, we face difficulty finding skilled and qualified truck drivers. Chip truck and logging truck drivers can be especially hard to find, due to the rare skill set required to perform this highly specialized and safety-sensitive role. How can we work to fill this industry gap?

The Professional Industry Driver Training program through the BC Forest Safety Council has been a great tool to introduce new logging truck drivers to the industry and develop the required skills and experience. Mercer Forestry has participated in the mentorship program, where one of our seasoned drivers acts as a mentor and rides alongside a trainee, sharing knowledge and skills developed throughout years of experience. The program offers robust safety guidelines and includes a wide range of topics such as fatigue management, load securement, steep-grade descent tools, and injury prevention. At the end of the program, MFS has the opportunity to give feedback, extend the mentorship or hire the trainee. This is an excellent hands-on program to help meet the demand and ensure that drivers have the right tools to build careers starting with a solid foundation.

Mercer Forestry Services is also working on a joint initiative with Mercer Celgar, DCT Chambers Trucking, and Sutco Transportation to attract and retain new chip truck drivers. A radio campaign is scheduled to run over a two-week period, inviting qualified drivers to meet with employers at a job fair being organized in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Consistent with our core belief that a culture of diversity and inclusion is critical to our success, this campaign is targeting the recruitment of drivers of diverse backgrounds. Immigration consultants will be at the job fair to assist local drivers in understanding the Labour Market Impact Assessment and Temporary Foreign Worker programs for those requiring it. Mercer Forestry Services and other trucking companies participating in the campaign will be assisting newcomers by providing housing support and relocation incentives to qualified drivers.

For those who are interested in a professional driving career, you might find that log or chip hauling with Mercer Forestry Services is an excellent option for you. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned driver looking to relocate, if you are a log hauler or a chip transfer truck driver, we put in every effort to break down any barriers you might be facing. The success of our company hinges on the skillsets of our team members, which is why we strive to create an environment that promotes the best possible support and the greatest possible satisfaction at the workplace.