Championing solutions to climate change: Mercer’s commitment to global initiatives in the wood industry

Mercer is actively committed to climate protection through the sustainable use of wood

We take responsibility and specifically support initiatives that promote wood as an important solution in the global fight against climate change.  Our active participation in  important initiatives underlines our commitment to the environment and our industry.

Wood Saves the Climate

On November 22, 2023, Mercer joined the Wood 2030 mission as part of the German-wide initiative, “Wood Saves the Climate”, aiming to address and clarify common misconceptions about wood and wood products, and enhance the industry’s reputation. The primary emphasis is on the role of wood in climate protection, acknowledging the wood industry’s commitment to mitigating global warming.

The “Wood Saves the Climate” initiative, initiated by the German Timber Industry Council (DHWR), represents a collective effort of German wood processing associations. Mercer participates in this initiative through its affiliation with the German Sawmill Association DeSH, where Dr. Carsten Merforth serves as a board member, the Main Association of the German Wood Industry, with Dr. Merforth as vice president, and the Raw Wood Working Group, where he acts as the spokesperson.

Our involvement is centered on three key objectives: 

  • promoting sustainable wood use, 
  • correcting misconceptions about wood usage, and 
  • underscoring wood’s contribution to climate protection. 

This collective effort highlights the necessity for cooperation within the timber and paper industries to combat climate change.

Forestry for the Future – Canadian Campaign

In Canada, our engagement in the “Forestry for the Future” campaign commenced in March 2023, led by the Forest Products Association of Canada with Bill Adams, Vice President Sustainability and Innovations serving on the Oversight Committee for executive-level operational coordination, exemplifies our dedication to educating future generations. This multi-year effort focuses on:

Educational Outreach: Highlighting how sustainable forestry combats climate change through carbon sequestration and resource management.

Benefits of Sustainable Forestry: Showcasing the sector’s positive impact on the environment, economy, and society.

Forestry in the Bioeconomy: Illustrating the industry’s sustainable evolution, emphasizing zero waste and net-zero emissions.

Why This Matters:

  • Renewability: Wood, as a renewable resource, can be sustainably harvested without depleting ecosystems.
  • Carbon Sequestration: Trees play a vital role in absorbing atmospheric CO2, and storing carbon in wood products.
  • Energy Efficiency: Wood products are generally less energy-intensive to produce than alternative materials.
  • Substitution Effect: Using wood instead of fossil-fuel-based materials like steel or concrete can reduce CO2 emissions.

Growing Forests, Growing a Future

In 2022, Mercer has started the planning phase for the “Growing Forests, Growing a Future” campaign. The campaign, which is being implemented by the Mercer Holz team, aims to provide forest owners with seedlings to reforest areas affected by climate-related disasters in Germany. This approach actively promotes biodiversity in the forests, which in turn promotes healthy growth and forest conservation. Mercer looks forward to following the development of this initiative.

The project reflects Mercer’s commitment to sustainable forestry and environmental protection. By providing seedlings for reforestation, Mercer is helping to strengthen the resilience of German forests to climate change while increasing ecological diversity and the ability of forests to sequester carbon.


All of these initiatives are more than corporate responsibility; they represent our active role in shaping a sustainable, climate-resilient future.