Improving Environmental Sustainability Through Innovation – Mercer Peace River’s Nutriboost Program

Through innovation comes sustainability. At Mercer Peace River (MPR), we continuously seek ways to improve through innovation, furthering our sustainability. A key component to this is sharing research and innovations with industry partners and communities to support common economic, environmental. and social goals. 

In keeping with this value, MPR has operated its Nutriboost program since 2003. A beneficial reuse initiative, the program provides local farmers with valuable nutrients contained in biosolids from our treatment facilities. Through the Nutriboost program, we have effectively taken a waste product and transformed it into a rich source of organic fertilizer that includes nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter – all needed by plants to produce food. 

Through the use of these properly prepared biosolids, farmers greatly benefit by:

  • reducing their dependence on commercial fertilizer,
  • improving soil structure,
  • reducing erosion, and
  • increasing the soil’s ability to absorb and retain water. 

Combined, this results in healthier and higher yield crops with improved soil tilth and increased water retention capacity. 

This cooperative program is free to local farmers, offering them an environmentally friendly alternative to commercial fertilizers while also providing an economical waste disposal process for MPR’s biosolids. The Nutriboost program means that MPR is able to recycle approximately 5,000 BDT of biosolids annually. 

Environmental stewardship does not operate in isolation; rather, it is a shared responsibility. Industries, governments, and individuals need to work collaboratively to establish a balance between economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. The Nutriboost program is a unique approach to this, in that it shares the environmental and economic benefits amongst the local community. It enables local farmers to reduce their greenhouse gases and the carbon footprint of the farm operation, while also benefiting from substantial monetary savings.

“This is an excellent example of how environmental sustainability can be achieved by sharing in innovation. We believe this to be one of the largest, if not the largest, upcycling programs in northwestern Alberta. The Nutriboost program takes waste and transforms it into a product rich with usable nutrients that benefit our communities and the environment.” 

-Tom Tarpey, Environmental Manager, Mercer Peace River 

The Nutriboost program is just one component of MPR’s vision of sustainability. Environmental performance is critical to the success of our operation, the future of our industry and the preservation of natural resources. We strive to improve our environmental sustainability through the use of innovative technologies, healthy resource management processes, and ongoing relationships with industry partners. We all play a part in environmental sustainability – together, we can improve environmental stewardship.  


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