Mercer Mass Timber’s Unsung Hero

If you’ve ever visited Mercer Mass Timber’s factory in Spokane Valley, Washington, you would have heard from the leadership team that our employees are our biggest asset. Of course, raw materials and our product are also important, but none of this would be possible without our employees who keep our doors open. Because of the specialized product we produce, our employees contribute daily with exceptional skill sets that you don’t find in other manufacturing mills. Every panel that is pressed is unique and no two panels are the same, which makes our team truly exceptional. Each project is a new challenge that requires advanced thinking and collaboration throughout the entire process. One employee, in particular, is one of the great minds behind the process – Piroz Mohmand.

Piroz Mohmand: From Afghanistan to the United States

Piroz Mohmand is a valued and respected Production Team Member in our CLT factory. Whether processing a panel in our CNC machines or working the finger jointer line, his attention to detail ensures the highest quality product is achieved. While his reputation in the factory is well known, it’s his background and life experiences that define his character. 

Piroz on the MMT floor


Born and raised in Afghanistan, Piroz assisted the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) coalition forces in their fight against terrorist groups in the country. His command of multiple languages, knowledge of the Afghan terrain and years of experience as an air traffic control officer made him invaluable as an interpreter and advisor. His decision to help NATO undoubtedly saved the lives of many including the Americans with whom he worked. Under increasing threat for assisting NATO, he continued to do what was right. Soon, the United States offered to relocate Piroz and his family to America. To help with his transition into a new culture,  Piroz enrolled in a local job work program and attended college classes. Helping people he never knew under the threat of death, leaving the country he loved, coming to a foreign land, and starting his career from scratch – each event on its own speaks to an incredible amount of tenacity within an individual. For someone who has accomplished and overcome so much, now building the highest-quality CLT panels in North America is a privilege.

Speaking to Mercer’s Core Values

Every day, we at MMT face challenges as well as opportunities. Piroz exemplifies Mercer’s core values and his commitment to his team and the company by leading by example. Piroz’s willingness to go above and beyond for others, the pursuit of excellence, and his boldness and accountability are just a few reasons why Piroz Mohmand is our Unsung Hero.