Mercer Stendal honored as “Partner of the Fire Department”

Mercer Stendal was officially honored as a “Partner of the Fire Department” Saturday morning, April 15, 2023. André Listemann, Managing Director, accepted this award from the Chairman of the District Fire Brigade Association, Dr. Ringhard Friedrich, and from District Administrator Patrick Puhlmann in Osterburg.

More than 100 local and municipal fire chiefs from the district of Stendal met in Osterburg for the annual District Fire Brigade Association conference. Here, not only were dedicated comrades honored, but partners of the fire departments were also recognized. 

Stendal’s district fire chief, Dr. Ringhard Friedrich, supported the award to Mercer Stendal by saying: “Mercer Stendal is an employer with a very positive attitude towards the fire department. In its own company fire department, 100 employees are active members.” He praised the company’s commitment to sending its fire department members to regular training courses and how members often volunteer for the fire department in their hometowns at the same time. “This is a win-win situation for us,” Dr. Friedrich added. 

In addition, Mercer Stendal has been supporting regional fire departments for years in a variety of ways. Examples include financial support for the maintenance of the Stendal district fire department museum or the company’s willingness to training and cooperation with fire departments in the surrounding area and Stendal district, using the mill’s premises as the training ground. In recent years, these training exercises included height rescue and NBC operations could be implemented.

Dr. Friedrich also mentioned that in recent months Mercer Stendal had, in a very special way, thanked all the comrades who helped to extinguish the fire at the mill in the summer of 2022. “It’s not natural for someone to thank volunteers so generously,” he emphasized. “This was a very great thing.”


Header: André Listemann accepts the “Partner of the Fire Department” award from District Fire Chief Dr. Ringhard Friedrich (right) and District Administrator Patrick Puhlmann (left) on behalf of all of Mercer Stendal’s dedicated employees.