Mercer Stendal's 2021 apprentices who have completed their training at the pulp mill in Arneburg, Germany

Training successfully completed for Mercer Stendal apprentices

While eight trainees recently started their apprenticeships at the Arneburg pulp mill, four others successfully completed their own time at Mercer Stendal. The four were recently honoured and recognized for their accomplishment by the mill. Three of these graduated apprentices were also taken on in full-time positions.

“We are of course happy and satisfied to have successfully trained this group in our company,” said Ralf Donk, Mercer Stenda’s Human Resources Manager. “They have all left their mark in their respective fields, as chemical technicians, paper technologists and administration, so we were keen to take them all on,” continued the manager.

Hannes Schernickau, one of the graduated trainees, decided against employment at the pulp mill for the time being. “I would first like to complete my technical college entrance qualification and then go on to study,” reveals the 20-year-old. However, he does not rule out a return to Mercer in Arneburg in the future.

Till-Maximilian Stranz, Florian Kleinat and Cassandra Finke have now begun their full-time work with the mill. While Finke is now employed in financial accounting, the two young men support production. “I simply feel comfortable at Mercer. I have nice colleagues and a great working atmosphere,” explains Finke.

All four recently received a small certificate from the hands of the Human Resources Manager. The special thing about it: each one contains a piece of pulp, which the trainees can now take home with them.

“The completed examination marks the end of a phase in their lives. We wish them all the best for their future careers.”

This is the farewell message, which in turn also represents a new start – for Stranz, Kleinat and Finke at the Arneburg pulp mill.

From the left: Florian Kleinat, Till-Maximilian Stranz, Hannes Schernickau and Cassandra Finke received a small certificate with a piece of pulp as a memento.
Photo: Stefan Rühling


Mercer Stendal is a subsidiary of the North American group Mercer International Inc. Mercer operates production sites in Germany, Canada, and Australia. Mercer Stendal produces pulp, bioenergy and various biochemicals from about 3.5 million solid cubic meters of softwood annually. The company employs approximately 455 people, including 30 apprentices. Mercer Stendal’s annual production capacity of kraft pulp is 680,000 tonnes. The biomass power plant at the site is one of the largest of its kind in Germany with a capacity of 148 MWh. For more information, visit our website at