Our Values

Our Values

Our Core Purpose & Values

At Mercer, our core purpose is to maximize value for our stakeholders by being responsive to market needs as the preferred provider of bio-based products from renewable sources produced sustainably in a safe, efficient environment. We focus on our core purpose by utilizing authentic leadership and ethical business practices to optimize and secure long-term value for our shareholders, customers, team members, and the communities where we reside.

We are exceptional people creating bioproducts for a more sustainable world. Every day at Mercer, we deliver values-based products to our customers that are sustainable, produced in safe and secure surroundings, and manufactured by our team of leading experts and technicians on a global scale. We work together towards a better, more sustainable future, where natural resources are used and managed wisely.

We value our resources – people, water, air, and land. It’s who we are at Mercer and what we do.

  • Mercer's Health and Safety

    Mercer's Health and Safety

    Health and safety to us is . . .

    • Of the utmost importance, for the well-being of our team members and their families
    • Operating in a diligent and responsible manner to ensure zero harm to people
    • Dedication to continuously improving our processes
    • Being individually accountable
    • Promoting comprehensive safety awareness

    Our Health & Safety

  • Mercer's Trust and Transparency

    Mercer's Trust and Transparency

    Trust and transparency to us is . . .

    • Open, transparent communication with all our stakeholders
    • Respect for all those with whom we have a relationship
    • Freedom to act in the best interests of the team
    • The ability to have effective relationships
    • A commitment to those relationships

    Our Communities

  • Mercer's Boldness

    Mercer's Boldness

    Boldness to us is . . .

    • An entrepreneurial spirit
    • A sense of urgency
    • Action-oriented
    • Decisiveness
    • Tenaciousness
    • The necessity for change
    • Courageousness
    • Calculated, but not reckless, risk-taking

    Mercer Investors

  • Mercer's Pursuit of Excellence

    Mercer's Pursuit of Excellence

    The pursuit of excellence to us is . . .

    • Striving for world-class
    • Continuous improvement
    • Visionary
    • Market leadership
    • A high level of competence
    • Pride in our achievements
    • Continuous, objective, self-assessment
    • Excellence in execution
    • What other organizations emulate

    Our Utilization

  • Mercer's Accountability

    Mercer's Accountability

    Accountability to us is . . . 

    • Individual responsibility to our partnerships
    • Contributions beyond our job descriptions and across functions, departments, and operations
    • Ownership of a greater good across functions, departments, and operations
    • Proactive cooperation
    • Demonstrate leadership
    • Committed to the team

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  • Mercer's Sustainability

    Mercer's Sustainability

    Sustainability to us is . . . 

    • Continuous improvement in environmental performance
    • Mitigating climate change
    • Continuous improvement in resource efficiency
    • Sustainable forest management
    • Embracing social responsibility
    • Community engagement

    Our Sustainability