Sustainability is Core to Our Business

At Mercer, we create bioproducts for a more sustainable world. We understand that we must earn the right to produce these bioproducts, granted by the many stakeholders with whom we interact. Sustainability is a core value in Mercer and is completely integrated into our strategies and behaviours. 

Environmental Performance

  • Mercer's Vision of Sustainability

    We are a dedicated team who create bioproducts for a changing world. While our processes and global marketplace may be complex, our approach to operating our company is not. We believe in Mercer’s unified core purpose to align ourselves with what we believe is important in sustainability:

    • Continuous improvement in environmental performance,
    • Mitigating climate change,
    • Continuous improvement in resource efficiency,
    • Sustainable forest management,
    • Embracing social responsibility, and
    • Stakeholder engagement

    Sustainability Targets

    Our Progress

Mercer is committed to dialogue with our stakeholders. Supporting industry associations and networks provide an effective way to engage with our stakeholders from both a local and global perspective.

Memberships & Associations

Our Core Purpose is to Maximize Stakeholder Value

Our Mercer team of experts have the education, knowledge, and experience to help us manage our resources responsibly. How we manage our resources requires integrated strategies in which social and environmental values are integral components and drivers of our business model. 

We invest in excellence, starting with recruitment in forestry, engineering, human resources, maintenance, operations, and environment to help us deliver upon our commitment to being a sustainable enterprise.

As stated by Bill Adams, Vice President, Sustainability and Innovations:

“Sustainability is integrated into our business strategies and forms the foundation of our products. Mercer’s continuous improvement focus on our sustainability journey will help ensure our operations remain globally competitive and sustainable.

Mercer believes that our success is defined by the collective success of our stakeholders. We do this through authentic leadership, ethical business practices, and by being responsive to market needs as the preferred provider of bio-based products from renewable sources.”


Working Locally – Thinking Globally

We are a global company of 2,300 team members, located in three countries, serving global markets. We recognize the need to work locally and support the communities in which we operate.

We understand the world is changing and that we can influence the rate of change for the better: better environment, better social conditions, and better well-being for not only our immediate stakeholders but for the planet as a whole.

At Mercer, we are exceptional people creating bioproducts for a more sustainable world.